sunrise school

Sunrise School is a small school, filled with people of the biggest hearts. Not only are the people kind and thoughtful, the place is simply wonderful.

The first time I walked into the school I felt enlightened by a forest of knowledge being presented to me. And that is exactly what it is; an abundant environment where you learn all sorts of things, from the art of finding yourself to Algebra and English. It is a small school, where you do not get lost but if necessary can escape the real world without being found. The trees protect and surround the school in a gorgeous way, blending together making intricate designs that in Art class we learn to observe and draw out.

In my time here, I felt completely loved by everyone. I felt at peace and accepted for who I am. All schools have school spirit and thrive to make their atmosphere as best as can be, but Sunrise consists of students who feel they are all part of one family. It is a school with an air of happiness all around. It isn’t very populated and therefore everyone is noticed, and nobody feels left out.

I was taught in a manner of patience, sturdiness and encouragement. If I ever needed a shoulder to cry on, advice for a broken heart or just to have a discussion regarding the weather, I was listened to and welcomed.

There is an incredible diversity of children from around the world. Almost everyone is bilingual. I know from experience that if you cannot speak English when you first arrive, there will always be someone to help you communicate. And in no time, you will be speaking fluently. It may be hard at first, as is anything worth learning, but all that is needed to help you along is a kind word of encouragement from a friend, teacher or parent. Sunrise made me feel accepted and loved. I had a wonderful experience and have splendid memories now to help me grow into who I am becoming today.

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