new india sweets & spices

Los Angeles boasts an abundance of Indian restaurants and groceries. Some are good, some are great and some are simply special.

New India Sweets and Spices is one of the special ones. Resting somewhat modestly between a Laundromat and a nail salon in a sun-faded stucco building just up the street from Little Ethiopia on Fairfax, this unassuming establishment is one of LA’s best kept secrets.

The grocery aisles are stocked with virtually any imaginable Indian spice for everything from traditional chai tea to any variation of dal soup. Throughout the store, one can find Ayurvedic remedies and a wide array of incense and other aromatic delights.

The best part is the daily buffet of authentic Indian food for yogis on-the-go. There are always vegetable curries and dal. They also offer a delicious chicken tikka masala, and combination plates with samosas or chana puri, or whatever combo works for you.

The sweet desserts vary from cheese-filled gulab jamun to pistachio, almond, and coconut cakes. Bajwa, the owner, and his family will always greet you with smiles as a light chanting of Sikh prayers plays in the background, ensuring that this hand-made food is truly prasadum for the soul. They also make without question the finest homemade ghee this side of the Ganges River.

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