ayurveda the original medicine


part III of IV

In part II we discussed The Five Great Elements, and how the Medical system known as AYURVEDA (Science of Life in Sanskrit and the sister science of Yoga) uses our understanding of nature’s language to direct and personalize a patient’s course of healing.

Now that we have covered a basic understanding of the Science and Art of Ayurveda, let’s make this profound medicine personal. According to Ayurveda, each of us is born with an inherited, genetic predisposition, which we will call here our Constitution. In Ayurveda, your constitution is called your dosha . The test I have provided for you below is an abbreviated version of the one I give to my patients. Please note that a written test is but one of many diagnostic tools we use to determine a client’s dosha. For an accurate and thorough constitutional analysis you should see a qualified Ayurvedic Practitioner, but the results of this test will give us a starting point from which we can begin to make predictions about which approach towards healing would be most effective for you.

To take this test, read each statement and check each box that applies to you. Consider your life-long tendencies, rather than how you might like to be. When you have completed the test, Add up the number of checks for Group A, Group B and Group C.

In part IV, we will be discussing the characteristics of each of the doshas in detail.

Until then, be well!


Groupe A

( ) I prefer warm weather

( ) My energy is inconsistent and usually comes in bursts

( ) I am active but I lose stamina quickly

( ) I sleep lightly

( ) I do not usually require much sleep

( ) I am talkative

( ) My appetite is irregular

( ) My elimination is irregular, alternating between dry and loose stools

( ) I am prone to constipation

( ) I learn new things easily, but I tend to forget easily as well

( ) I tend to be nervous or anxious

( ) My moods fluctuate, often unpredictably

( ) I am creative and imaginative

( ) My thoughts are often dreams that I do not se through to their fruition

( ) I lead an erratic lifestyle

( ) It is difficult for me to gain weight

( ) My skin is cool, rough and dry

Groupe B

( ) I prefer cool weather

( ) My energy levels are moderate

( ) I enjoy physical activity and sweat easily

( ) I enjoy average stamina

( ) I sleep soundly

( ) I require moderate amounts of sleep

( ) I have a strong voice and am assertive while talking

( ) My appetite is good and I need to eat regularly

( ) My elimination is regular with soft stools that tend to be loose

( ) My food moves through me quickly

( ) My memory is good and quick

( ) I tend to anger easily, and to get impatient and irritated

( ) My moods take a back seat to my goals and tasks

( ) I am efficient, organized and perfectionist

( ) My thoughts and ideas are logical and well planned

( ) I lead a busy lifestyle

( ) I gain and lose weight fairly easily

( ) My skin is warm and may be oily

Groupe C

( ) I enjoy all climates, but I prefer warm weather

( ) My energy levels are steady

( ) Although I tend to be lethargic, I have good endurance

( ) My physical strength is good

( ) I like to sleep and I sleep deeply

( ) I tend to move slowly

( ) I talk slowly with a pleasant, resonant voice

( ) My appetite is steady, I eat slowly, and I enjoy food

( ) My elimination is regular, my food moves through me slowly

( ) I learn new things slowly, but once learned they are rarely forgotten

( ) I tend to be calm, steady and possessive

( ) I am caring and compassionate

( ) My thoughts and ideas are tranquil and well organized

( ) I am thorough and am good at following through on tasks

( ) I have a relaxed and slow-paced lifestyle

( ) It is difficult for me to lose weight

( ) My skin is cool, smooth and moist