love perfume

flowers and spices merged into a harmonious bouquet

It is always magical to find a product on the beauty market that is purely dedicated to the Power of Love! LOVE PERFUME, from Wind Poppy is a delightful mix of flowers and spices merged into a harmonious bouquet. Created by French designer and perfumer, Catherine Johanne, with the intent to create an enchanting scent that bonds with its wearer without imposing itself to others. It is meant to be used as a safe and enjoyable way to maintain a delicate scent all daylong.

Wind Poppy perfumes are 100% natural and contain no artificial fragrances. They are free of toxic chemicals, alcohol, parabens, phthalates, preservatives, artificial fragrances and are cruelty free. The perfume is made in small individual batches, which gives each batch its own essence!

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