death insight & conversation cards

live as though you were dying

Sustaining continuity of consciousness is not easy. It requires constant practice and continual dispassion, as Patanjali outlined in his Yoga Sutras. Many people grow up with some form of religion, and this belief may make us fearful of death because we have been so accustomed to feel unworthy or unqualified to navigate a safe and dignified transition into the death state.

Considering death is the only thing we can be sure of in life, we pay little to no attention to preparation in this area. If we are trying to evolve and grow spiritually, we need to take a deep breath and start to think about what is meaningful to us. Hopefully, death is something that we can face long before it is needed, yet – as with many of the wise teachings – NOW is the time to do something that will benefit ourselves and others.

Camella has created a conversational deck of cards and a guide book to help families and friends talk about our exit from this earth life that helps to break the taboo around death and dying.

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