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The Dr. Schulze Detox cleanse programs an effective way to experience a visible improvement in your overall health, without doing much to disrupt your regular routine. 

With an impressive resume that spans over 40 years, Dr. Schulze has been a leader in the natural healthcare industry and a credible source of advice.

As the creator of the American Botanical Pharmacy in Marina Del Rey, California, a Doctor of Natural Medicine and a master herbalist, Dr. Schulze stands as a veritable healing expert.

His range of herbal formulas are natural, yet powerful— each designed for achieving optimal levels of health.

Dr Schulze Detox & Cleanse – Your health is your mission too.

For those who feel fatigued, the 5-day Liver Detox will increase your energy, while the 5-Day Kidney Detox will encourage your body to cleanse itself naturally.

The 5-day Bowel Detox will improve waste elimination, digestion, and can even aid in weight loss

If you suffer from more severe health concerns or a history of ailments, a more extended program may be just what you need.

You can opt for their very effective 30 Day Detox plan, meant to increase your overall energy and vitality while removing toxins and excess waste buildup. 

Our favorite thing about Dr. Shulze’s detox programs is that they allow you to approach them from your individual level of comfort: beginner, intermediate or advanced.

The programs are easy to follow, with simple day to day steps.

The formulas are incredibly potent no matter what level you choose, yet they are safe and easy to incorporate into your everyday routine.  

In addition to the detoxification programs which target specific needs, other popular formulas include superfood supplements, Vitamin-C, and Echinacea, which help support the body day-to-day.  

Anyone who has ever suffered from health problems can attest— our health is our most valuable asset.

When we are in good health— undeniably we can feel the benefits in all other areas of our lives.

Just as we regularly clean our cars and our homes, it is equally important to take time to clean our energetic and physical bodies.

Visit Dr. Schultz’s site, choose a detox program that’s right for you, and begin your journey to better health!

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Best thing about this product: Easy to follow and implement in your daily life, yet very effective detox programs.

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