contact yoga, a book review

contact yoga a book by Tara Guber

Touching is Healing. CONTACT YOGA creatively addresses the underlying issue of “relationship” through Partner Yoga. Creator Tara Lynda Guber, together with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, award-winning photographer Norman Seeff, and an impressive list of renowned Yoga Teachers and film personalities, CONTACT YOGA adds a unique layer of relationship through beautiful photographs and clear illustrated instruction of partners engaged in Contact Yoga poses, bringing attention to where connection and intimacy lie physically, emotionally and spiritually.

CONTACT YOGA addresses why we struggle in relationships, and where. In specific, the philosophy focuses on the seven chakras and seven points of contact. To make contact with these centers is to open powerful gates representing the essential bonds of relationship including Trust, Passion, Commitment, Love, Communication, Vision and Union.

Each partner does the same pose at the same time enhancing the awareness with which we see and relate to another person. By stretching in to a Back Bend on top of another person, and holding steady in breath, we  can release deeply held beliefs that ultimately lead to the gift of safety, joy and surrender.

The E-book features:

1. 30 interactive yoga videos
2. Introductions by Deepak Chopra & Tony Robbins
3. Over 100 striking photographs of renown Yogi Celebrities including: Shiva Rea, Seanne Corn, Elizabeth Berkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Harry Hamlin, Lisa Rinna, Steve Ross, Rod Stryker, Patricia Walden and more.
4. Content by Anodea Judith who began writing about Chakras in her classic book “Wheels of Life: A User’s guide to the Chakra System” which sold over 250,000 copies

About the author:

For over 45 years, Tara has been a Yoga activist, creating YogaEd, one of the first full time yoga programs in public schools. Married for over 50+ years to Peter Guber, CEO of Mandalay Entertainment Group, they are the owners of the LA Dodgers and Golden State Warriors, where Tara also serves on the board to promote sports and health via youth programs. Her spiritual journey has led to amazing collaborations with the most respected yoga teachers in the world.

A must have in your yoga book collection!

Buy it here on Amazon: Contact Yoga: The Yoga of Relationship

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