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Cocoon Medical Spa is a space where you feel completely supported. The welcome extended did not betray the reputation of Bali. From the initial booking to the end of the treatment, the attention to the client is unbelievable, (you get an email reminder for your appointment and an email as a follow-up). The futuristic decor and the layout of the spa entice you to believe for a moment that you have arrived in some near future where Dr. Spock himself will perform your treatment. Located on the busy but easily accessible Sunset road, Cocoon is marketed mainly as an anti-aging, cosmetic medical clinic. However – in search of the ideal treatment that combines efficiency and non-invasiveness – it was pleasing to see a range of Wellness choices, such as Colon Hydrotherapy, Infrared Sauna, Therapeutic Massage and Vitamin Infusion in a Salt room.

The facial treatment called Dermapen (or Dermaroller) is highly recommended. The principle of this treatment is the stimulation of the dermis without any damage to the epidermis. Using micro-needles, the machine promotes cell renewal and acts on dermal elastic fibers. Starting with the first session, the tissue repair process is taking place, producing a neo-collagen revival.

Though not a relaxing treatment, the process is nevertheless quick and almost painless. An anesthetic cream applied to the face before treatment greatly reduces the painful sensations. Avoiding sun exposure for a period of time is advisable as is avoiding any social engagements within a few hours (or at least until the face flush decreases). You may also experience thickened skin feeling for a few days. The expected result is obviously spectacular in the following week by a decrease and normalization of enlarged pores, sebum production, a reduction of fine lines, and a smooth and transparent skin.

Another valuable treatment at Cocoon Medical Spa is the Vitamine IV Therapy package. A mixture of vitamins and minerals is administered intravenously while you relax on a comfortable massaging table for about half an hour in their salt room (the walls are covered with actual blocks of Himalayan pink salt) while you get a nice foot massage. Part of the package includes a shot of Vitamine B12, that you can choose to have injected in the muscle of your bottom (for highest efficiency but more painful) or added to the Vitamine C mixture. The effects were noticeable within 48 hours by an increase in strength and energy level. All procedures are done with a level of hygiene quality and a qualified, very helpful nurse.

This spa is a great location to go a little deeper in your journey to rejuvenation. The qualified therapists’ gestures paired with the impeccable cleanliness of the place ensure the highest quality of care.

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