Blandine Gerber Fleury

Childhood, Education, and First Experiences

Blandine Gerber, the sixteenth of seven siblings, grew up in a dynamic environment rich in human experiences. This upbringing taught her the challenges and beauty of relationships early on. Despite being initially labeled as an academic failure, Blandine persevered, ultimately earning a Master 2 degree with distinction in urban sociology. Her educational journey is a testament to her determination and self-determination, shaping her ability to understand and interpret psychosociological phenomena.

The Major Steps of Her Transformation

As a young woman, Blandine faced significant loss with the passing of pivotal family members. Drawing strength from her faith, she became involved in palliative care, believing that guiding those who leave and supporting those who stay is a fundamental human responsibility. Her early ambition to have a family led her to marry the man she met at 15, with whom she had four children. After a 26-year relationship, their separation shattered her certainties, but her resilience turned this ordeal into an opportunity for personal evolution.

New Learnings and Experiences

Blandine's journey of self-discovery included training in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Nonviolent Communication (NVC), and ThetaHealing. Her participation in workshops on Intuitive Development, Core Energetics, and Family Constellations, along with Vipassana meditation, enriched her understanding of life's challenges. Collaborations with a relationship coach, co-development of an NVC workshop, co-writing a book on relationships, and authoring over sixty personal development articles are tangible outcomes of her journey.

All This Has Led Her To...

Blandine Gerber now dedicates herself to using her understanding of relational challenges to support others. Her experiences continue to inspire her writing and coaching, as she explores the "magnificent place" of relational space. This landscape not only inspires her work but also allows her to assist those who seek her guidance in exploring their relationships with themselves, others, and the world.

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