how to convert your garage into a yoga studio

When it comes to doing yoga, any place is a good place. Those who have set their minds to practicing yoga know you must create a steady indoor or find a tangible outdoor place to achieve that utter tranquility. However, if you want to go beyond merely just doing yoga and instead be the one to transfer your knowledge, you ought to open a yoga studio.

Introducing yoga to people around you is one of the best ways to upscale your living standard, establish healthy habits, and boost your stamina and well-being. Yoga enhances self-confidence, coordination, and flexibility, so it’s vital to have an excellent studio to make all your dreams come true.

The most practical way to get a yoga studio in your home is to convert your garage into it. You heard it right – here are some of the easiest ways to transform your garage into a yoga studio and start reaping the benefits of this great activity.

Clear out the clutter

First, to get the most out of your yoga studio, you need to clean your entire garage neatly to make a decent space for your new studio. Most homeowners tend to pile up numerous things in the garage, usually storing things that they no longer need, creating an abundance of clutter.

Clutter is a big no-no in a yoga studio, as things need to be clutter-free to achieve maximal serenity and get enough space to do yoga exercises that aid in speeding up healing. Throw away all unused stuff, such as dated books, old clothes, and unpractical equipment. Move any garden equipment to the garden shed or designate a corner in the garage to store essential amenities.

Insulate the premises adequately

Before you get down t altering the flooring, you need to look into the thickness of the walls and floors because you must consider the weather conditions and seasons where you live. The reason behind this notion is insulation.

Insulating your garage with high-quality insulation is paramount to converting it into a yoga studio. Unless you protect the garage, doing yoga on cold, dark, and damp garage floors can bring about flu or some other illness rather than have positive benefits for your health.

Don’t risk exercising in a cold environment and suffering any form of injury, but rather click here to find the most ideal insulating materials for your garage and transform it into a comfortable and warm space.

Choose the best flooring

Yoga is mainly done on the floor, lying, or sitting on a mat. Very often, most people need to pay more attention to where they would place their yoga mat; however, since you are about to convert your garage into a yoga studio, you must create the best one for your greatest pleasure and coziness.

Hence, avoid having plain, cold, unfinished cement flooring in your riveting yoga studio, and opt for refreshing hardwood, epoxy, wood vinyl, or tiled flooring. There’s no need to go all in regarding garage flooring, but you need to transform your garage into a comfortable and practical yoga studio; for that matter, you should consider choosing floors that withstand wear and tear over time.

The ideal option is epoxy garage flooring or tiles, but if you settle for tiles, make sure that there are not too slippery when you put on your yoga mat.

Refresh the walls

When you have decided to convert your garage into a yoga studio, you need to consider all the factors that will make the garage look and feel like a distortionless place.

Your surroundings must be muted in all manners so as not to cause any distractions, so the walls must be simple and soft. Repaint the bare concrete garage walls in some soothing and mindful hue that would give out the feeling of being in a haven. Any earthy colors would do the trick, but soft lavender, off-beat white, pale emerald, or sea foam walls would evoke that Balinese vibe that most yoga studios possess.

A hint of blue or earthy green is always a good choice for a yoga studio, predominantly as blue colors exude tranquility and productivity. Use neutral earthy shades for the garage walls to make your new yoga studio feel peaceful and welcoming.

Opt for natural lighting only

Even though there are plenty of yoga studios use various artificial lighting sources, harsh and direct light can be too overwhelming while you are practicing. Instead of standard fluorescent or LED lights found in most garages, opt for having more natural light coming in.

Switch the traditional garage doors with a garage door with a large glass front to let natural light in as much as possible. Natural light is of the essence for a yoga studio. Electricity tends to exude direct warm light; conversely, if you were to have mainly natural lighting for your garage yoga studio, you would have the perfect serene atmosphere needed to concentrate and unwind while practicing.

Balancing the lighting features is also advisable. For instance, most yoga practitioners would combine natural lighting with floor lamps where they can dim the light or use candles and lanterns and hang eclectic string lights.

Get a neat garage storage system

After cleaning out the clutter from the garage for your studio, focus on the equipment you would need for your new activity. Garage space might be enough for what you are about to convert it into because, for many people yoga mat is the only thing they need, but you still need a place to store your rug, sweatbands, back rollers, towels, yoga books, speakers, and other.

Incest in creating quality garage storage systems such as smart floating shelves. This is incredibly frugal for smaller garages or garages with limited space. You can also go for functional panels with hooks and bins to add to the cabinets and hide away your equipment neatly. 

Secure the garage door

An outdoor garage door can create a mess in your yoga studio unless you incorporate some precautious measures, whether heavy rainfall or a tedious storm. The most crucial step is to weatherproof the garage door.

This is vital for plain wooden doors since rainwater can easily penetrate and flow into your garage unless adequately sealed. Since you do yoga mostly lying on the floor, having rain or some other weather hazard ruining your yoga experience is what you certainly don’t want.

Try to weather seal or weatherproof the garage door around and the windows with specific water-proof bands to prevent rain and hot and cold air from blowing inside the small gaps underneath the garage door and all around.

Get all the gear

When converting garage space into a yoga studio, the last and the most essential thing to incorporate is the yoga equipment. By now, you have acquired some essential yoga gear, such as a yoga mat; however, to do all yoga poses correctly and agilely, you must store a few other things in your garage.

For core strength and altering flexibility besides the yoga mat, you should have a stretchy yoga belt, then a few blankets for support, straps for bound poses, and blocks for improving your alignment when standing. All those things are not bulky nor heavy, so you can easily dedicate a spot for them in some garage storage compartment or place them neatly on a shelf.

Be mindful of the décor

In the end, decorations are of utmost importance to a yoga studio. There’s no need to place a vast Buddha statue, but hanging a small picture or a petite figure represents your mindful intentions.

Not only that, but your studio needs to exude tranquility and peace, and you can quickly evoke that feeling by hanging a floor-to-ceiling or just a large-scale mirror, placing lush green planters and lovely green plants, and maybe placing a few candles with aromatherapy scents. Help get the most out of your garage yoga studio by incorporating soothing scents, and the most effective are lavender and lime.

Remember other senses that are crucial in creating a splendid yoga studio. For example, find soft music you can play as a background sound while exercising. Please don’t use your phone to play music as you may get distracted while exercising, but instead find an old-fashion stereo with a speaker that you can connect to your phone.

Several studies have proven that yoga exercises have a vast and mindful effect on our bodies. Everybody should reap the benefits of doing yoga. If you have adequate garage space, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t seize the opportunity to set up a yoga studio in your home and enhance the wellness of your entire family and friends.