sunset as the gateway to connect with the divine

Some people say the sunset is the gateway to the heavens or an avenue to connect with the Divine. Others feel the sunset is an opportunity to reset. There is no right or wrong. There is just grace and beauty in however the sunsets manifest for each soul.

something from nothing – sunset spiritual meaning

The last fall sunset of the harvest moon is one that I will personally never forget. I’m not sure if it brought me got closer to the Divine, but my experience was certainly divine! It had been a weekend of celebrations. My family’s faces hurt from so much smiling. We were fatigued and feeling run down from a few late nights and indulgences as well. It was time to bring everyone back to neutral and feel a different vibration and speed.

The wind was cooler and the sun felt strangely farther away as the full moon waned. I situated myself in a direct ray of light and received the warmth. Right there I perched myself in space and I watched. I observed how my children created, led, taught, rode, encouraged, and tried on their bikes. In an empty urban school parking lot, they developed a bike course in and around basketball nets and chain links. I was relieved. I was grateful. But mostly, I was humbled.

Here in this world of natural and man-made destruction, I was reassured innocence still exists. This, all triggered for me in that moment, by the sunset. Consider how the sunset affects you, and how viewing those magnificent rays and colors at the end of the day can transform your experience.

In this crazy world of violence, politics, and terrorism it is easy to remain in your head and forget your heart. I practice my yoga everyday on and off the mat to help me cope and manage the chatter. But it is not only my physical practice that brings me down to neutral. It is through my connection to yoga that my sensory awareness increases and the vibrations from this natural earth heighten my daily experiences.

Those rays of sunlight were beams of energy and prana (life force) that pushed through my body like a propeller. It created pathways in my mind to see the world from a kinder and more innocent perspective.

Yoga is a lot of things to many people. The discipline itself has been around for 5,000 years and is gaining more awareness and popularity. Some might accuse me of being overly sensitive, or suggest the feelings I experienced in my body were from hormonal changes rather than sun-kissed skies. Others might choose to suggest my head is stuck in the clouds of spirituality and escapism.

I believe that fall sunset was shining over my family to give us the energy we needed to create something out of nothing. And my yoga gave me the clarity and serenity required to reset and prepare my mind for what the winter has in store for us. I hope it does the same for you.