yogic wisdom – 5 anti-aging healing practices

ancient Indian secrets to anti-aging

Traditionally, anti-aging therapies were practiced to balance and fortify the body’s energies in order to remove weaknesses and promote a healthy body, peaceful mind, and vivacious spirit. Today we can draw upon the ancient wisdoms to return to our natural state of inner calm and wholeness, and to reflect vitality and youthfulness.

Ancient Acupressure Healing: Restores and revitalizes depleted energies.

Apply the following anti-aging techniques for a few minutes each, two times a day:

• To slow the aging process: firmly massage the anti-aging energy pathway, which runs in a straight line from the inside tip of the middle finger, over the inner wrist to the inner elbow on the right arm.

• To balance the hormone levels and delay aging: place the left fingertips between the eyebrows and the right fingertips on the crown of the head, and press gently.

• To prevent age-related ailments: massage the area on either side of the spine, directly behind the naval, to replenish the kidney energy.

• To strengthen the body’s response to stress (which may contribute to aging): firmly massage the fleshy area behind each knee.

• To activate the body’s energy reserves and regain youthful vitality: firmly massage each of the little toes.

Ancient Chakra Healing: Opens and recharges the subtle energy centers.

To strengthen the root chakra which is primarily associated with self-healing and rejuvenation:

• Sit outdoors, cross-legged directly on the earth, grass or sand.

• Bring your awareness to the universal energy within the earth.

• Visualize the universal earth energy connecting with your root chakra (located at the base of your spine).

• Gently sway your hips from left to right creating a subtle figure eight movement.  

• Visualize the universal earth energy entering the base of your spine, flowing through your swaying hips and feeding your remaining chakras.

• Sway your hips smoothly and freely and allow your upper body to follow the figure eight movement.  

• Continue for up to ten minutes and practice daily.                                

Ancient Mudra Healing: Harnesses the natural healing power within the hands.

The Simha Mudra, lion face gesture, assists with rejuvenation through increasing oxygenation to the facial muscles, throat, sinuses, eyes, and thyroid gland.

To practice the Simha Mudra:

• Sit comfortably with your back straight and knees apart.

• Press your fingertips firmly into your knees to resemble lion’s claws.

• Inhale deeply and slowly.

• Exhale while opening your mouth as wide as possible and sticking out your tongue, pointing it towards your chin.

• Retain your breath and stretch your entire face, widen your eyes and bare your teeth to resemble a fierce roaring lion.

• Hold for ten seconds, inhale and repeat.

• Practice three times a day.

Ancient Healing Facial Oil Massage: Stimulates the anti-aging facial acupressure points with therapeutic plant oils.

Rejuvenate the skin with the following oils:

• Pomegranate Seed Carrier Oil is an anti-aging oil for all skin types. It contains a natural sunscreen, prevents the formation of wrinkles and promotes skin elasticity.

• Avocado Carrier Oil is an anti-aging oil for dry and mature skin. It deeply moisturizes, restores the skin’s natural balance and contains regenerative properties.

• Frankincense Essential Oil deeply nourishes, tones and tightens the skin to treat and prevent the signs of aging.

• Sandalwood Essential Oil restores sun-damaged skin, improves skin circulation and assists with skin regeneration.

Mix two drop of essential oil with one teaspoon of carrier oil for a face and neck massage. Use small gentle circular motions, starting at the base of the neck working upwards, for ten minutes. Allow the oils to absorb into the skin for up to one hour then remove excess with a warm, damp facecloth. 

Ancient Plant Healing: Rejuvenates the tissues through organic anti-aging properties.

Include the following healing foods:

Indian Gooseberry, or amla, is rich in Vitamin C which prevents aging of the body and mind, detoxifies the liver to improve the skin and health of the eyes.

• Take one level teaspoon of organic amla powder mixed with a little raw honey, two times a day.

Holy Basil Leaf, or tulsi, contains numerous healing properties and purifies the blood to strengthen and revitalize the skin, hair, nails and eyes.

• Take one level teaspoon of organic holy basil leaf powder mixed with a little raw honey, two times a day.

Mung Bean Sprouts are dense in vitamins, minerals, and live enzymes to detoxify the body and relieve inflammation to slow down the aging process.

• Liberally add to salads, smoothies, and your favorite snacks!

Aging is inevitable, but we can delay the process by empowering our energies with simple self-healing holistic practices. Give these a try to prevent age-related ailments and reverse the visible signs of damage!

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