embracing uncertainty and new beginnings

moving on and letting go of what needs to be let go of

About eight weeks ago, we lost everything that we had, financially speaking. Yes, from one day to the next we were broke. My partner was close to a nervous breakdown, trying to make sense of what just happened to us.

Everyone knows being a stock market trader is not easy. Society tends to judge you as a criminal, robbing society from our common wealth. Well, everyone is different and we human beings can change if we see the necessity to do so. My partner certainly did and he was open to accepting change. Amazing, once you hit the rock bottom you become so awake and aware of what is happening in your life and what has gone sideways.

Eight weeks ago, I was teaching yoga 12 times a week in Bali but a couple of blips in our Internet connection here and there made us lose all our savings.

New beginnings… That was our only option and we had no other choice than to look forward and try to cope with our situation.

Now, we live in Dubai and both of us have gone back to a ‘normal’ office job – doing what I love! I’m working for YogaLife Middle East magazine, while continuing to teach yoga a couple of times a week at local shalas. It couldn’t have been more perfect and every day I am grateful for this change. Both of us found jobs we like and have started building everything from scratch, without any regrets. Only staying positive every day and doing our practice.

  • Breathing in love – breathing out loss and despair.
  • Inhaling change – exhaling worries and fear.
  • Inhaling hope – exhaling delusion.

Of course, we still come across challenges and are trying to pay the bills… Sometimes even in the ‘Yoga Business World’ you come across very non-yogic behaviour.

Given our financial situation, I also took a part-time managing role in a studio here in Dubai. However, after a week’s hard work of trying to keep both my full time job at YogaLife as well as the part-time job at the studio job alive, I realised I had to let go of one. Unfortunately, the owner of the studio believed that my working hours were only training hours. So, I should not be paid for them, even though an agreement with a probation period of three months had been signed.

We were in need of this money and tried to reason with the owner, but humans tend to forget their human side…. not able to let go of greed. The only thing we can do is to let go of ‘what no longer serves us’. So I did.

Nonetheless, everything happened for a reason… CHANGE.

What happened in the past weeks have been a dream come true in many other ways. For me personally this recent journey has been an extraordinary experience.

Along with all the good and bad on the job front, I got the opportunity to help organise the UN International Yoga Day event here in Dubai. We invited my dear teachers A.G. Mohan with family, and Maryam Ovissi. What a wonderful experience it was to partake in guiding a practice for 17.000 people next to my great teachers Nitya Mohan and Maryam!

For my partner these weeks have been an awakening, and a fresh ‘breath of air’, with a beautiful outlook on life and all the avenues you can create.

You will be amazed what life has to offer when you trust the universe (Ishvara Pranidhana) and practice your Yoga ‘off the mat’. One door closes and the next opens, and you always come back on your path and travel your journey.

Every one of us has a deep desire for happiness. But what we tend to believe is that our happiness is connected with a euphoric feeling and fun experience influenced by external factors such as wealth and success, instead of just a state of a steady mind with contentment and peace, no matter what happens around you… Even if your own world falls apart. 

You peel off all these layers of roles and conditioning you have inherited and lived with, until you discover your real light shining so bright without undergoing rollercoaster rides with euphoric highs and depressing lows.

We can find this light within ourselves with the help of our breath and Yoga practice.

Everything that happened was meant to be. Meeting A.G. Mohan was just meant to be; reminding ourselves of the purpose of our Yoga practice: Calming our minds and minding our minds.

A.G. Mohan and his son Dr. Ganesh Mohan beautifully summarised this in their latest book Yoga Reminder: Lightened Reflections.

Yes! We have lost some “things”, but we have gained so much more and are steady on our journey to our real self.




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