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Unalome meaning – symbol / tattoo?

Unalome meaning – symbol / tattoo?

Published: 21-08-2022 - Last Edited: 17-09-2022

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Yogis often acquire tattoos to represent their commitment to Yoga and its philosophy. There are many popular types of tattoos; you may have seen many yoga practitioners with ‘OM’ or Sanskrit tattooed on their bodies. When it comes to Yoga, Unalome is another iconic symbol. This article will explore the Unalome meaning and symbolism and provide some examples of how you can use it in tattoos.

Meaning of Unalome

Buddhist Unalome

According to popular belief, the meaning of the Unalome symbol is a spiritual emblem associated with Theravada Buddhism.

You can commonly think of it as representing the pathway to enlightenment.

According to the Buddhist view, the Unalome reflects each person’s life path. The path can be straight, circular, or wind, paved with anxiety, fear, joy, or love.

The Unalome meaning says that life’s journey is full of suffering. However, even in difficulties and misfortune, one must keep pushing forward and learning new things. It also teaches you to take an objective look at yourself.

The Unalome symbol represents our road to enlightenment in the end. It teaches that the road isn’t always clear or in the proper direction.

Hindu Unalome

Though a famous emblem in Buddhism, some believe the Unalome symbol to have similar connotation to Hinduism.

From the Hindu perspective, The Unalome sign represents Lord Shiva’s Third Eye, the Hindu religion’s supreme God.

Lord Shiva is known as the Destroyer because his job is to eliminate all impediments in people’s lives and beyond. He sits at the pinnacle of the hierarchy, where he can look over the cosmos and change it as he pleases.

Shiva is also the universe’s protector, monitoring everything and transforming it when necessary. Symbolically, the spiral at the bottom of the Unalome sign represents the eye, and our lives are given to us with no guidance.

We’re the only ones who have to figure out where we’re going.

The ascending route, which resembles a line with knots, signifies each spiritual turning point in our lives.

The knots are obstacles that must be overcome to get to the lotus bloom at the top. The Lotus blossom symbolizes perfection in Hinduism, and it represents Moksha, or enlightenment (in the Buddhist religion, known as Nirvana).

Moksha means that when we reach the summit and open our spiritual Lotus, we are liberated from the cycle of birth, death, and reincarnation.

Unalome tells a story

The base of the Unalome meaning is to symbolize the beginning of your existence, the day you were born, your spiritual awakening, or the beginning of a struggle.

The central lines, which make up most of the image, represent the struggle that grows thinner as one advances through life.

This diminishing line denotes that your life’s path is a continuation of the path to enlightenment.

Let’s take a closer look at this.
Our journey begins in the spiral’s center. The spiral reflects our inability to escape our flaws, worries, and doubts.

However, our minds see clearly as the life path unfolds. It gradually breaks away from the suffering cycles.

Maybe when you are linking to the various web of emotions, you don’t realize how confused you are thinking. We all make the same mistakes because we are all human.

And breaking out of this loop isn’t simple. The spiral, on the other hand, depicts precisely that. 

The Unalome symbol is a visual metaphor for that journey. It is the pinnacle and culmination of our fight for self-awareness.

What makes Unalome the perfect tattoo?

Unalome is timeless

No one has to worry about their Unalome tattoo losing significance as they evolve through their life.

Similar to how every part of the Unalome symbol makes the whole what it is, every stage on the journey to self-awareness is necessary. The beginning is a catalyst for events that leads to the end; the end could never come without the beginning.

Because every part is interconnected, one can never outgrow its meaning and significance.

Your Unalome can be unique

Many like to have Unalome tattooed on their bodies in a spot that has a special meaning for them. It can be on the wrist, the back of the neck, the shoulder blades, the back of the ear, the forearm, and the breast area.

Most Buddhists and Hindus oppose having Unalome tattoos on their feet because they believe the feet are filthy and evil.

Therefore, never put the Unalome symbol on your feet if you wish to acknowledge its spiritual meaning and protect its sacredness.

Most Unalome tattoos were previously designed as stand-alone tattoos with no alterations.

However, because tattoo artists have always sought to deviate from the conventional and try something new, many have begun to incorporate their own ideas into the Unalome sign.

Your Unalome tattoo can be included in a larger tattoo or accompanied by OM, Buddha, or a meditator.

Variations of Unalome


The picture below, for example, includes dots at the top, which represent achieving one’s goals, independence, and enlightenment.


Sometimes a lotus is depicted instead of the dots or at the top.

The Lotus is a very significant symbol in Buddhism and Eastern Philosophy. It is because of the inherent trait of the lotus flower.

The Lotus grows deep in the mud and doesn’t see the sunlight. Nonetheless, it pushes through the deep ground towards the direction of light and finally blooms into a beautiful flower.

The lotus finds light despite the odds it faces; hence, Eastern religions commonly use it to symbolize of enlightenment.

The Lotus in the Unalome symbol denotes enlightenment and freedom.

The lines within the Unalome represent our challenges in life as we push through the mud and muck so that we can finally bloom and be the magnificent creation we were created to be.

We continue on our path to enlightenment and emancipation from all that has hindered us from seeing the light.

The Lotus is a symbol of freedom and enlightenment in the Unalome.

Female and Male

unalome tatoo meaning chart lotus healing symbol female unalime
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Depending on its positioning, the symbol can be male or female.
Suppose the Unalome’s base (the spiral bottom) faces right and outwards; in that case, it is considered masculine in this circumstance, according to Buddhist culture.

It is considered feminine if the spiral bottom of the Unalome is facing left and inwards.

These are essential factors to consider, especially if you want the Unalome meaning to be your totem.

The type of Unalome meaning you choose will influence the energy you want to project.

For example, consider the case when you want to exude feminine energy. In that situation, an Unalome with the base pointing left and inwards will suffice.

Choose an Unalome with the spiral bottom pointing right and inwards if you want to represent male forces.[3]


One common symbol that some include in their Unalome symbol is the OM sign.

When we think of Hindu or Buddhist tattoos, the first thing that springs to mind is the OM tattoo, which means “I am.” It’s a typical design, and you’ll see it on tens of thousands of people worldwide.

Om is a fundamental concept in Hinduism, and it is regarded as the universe’s first sound. It symbolizes the coming together of the mind, body, and spirit. Try with Unalome to anchor your journey to self-awareness in a sense of unity.

Om Sign yoga symbol


The numerous curves and lines in the physical symbol of Om symbolize five states of consciousness:

• The lower left curve represents the conscious, waking state of being.

• The top left curve represents the unconscious state.

• The lower right curve represents the dream state or the transition between waking and unconsciousness.

• The semicircle at the top represents the Maya state. “Maya” means “illusion,” and Kumar says it is the most significant impediment to spiritual growth.

• The dot at the top represents the absolute state. “When you can just be,” she continues, “it’s the highest condition of consciousness; the ultimate degree of spiritual happiness.”

Balance Mandala [5][6]

Another beautiful design that can add a story to your Unalome meaning is the mandala. A mandala is a symmetrical arrangement of symbols, usually arranged in a circular pattern.

The circle is symbolic of the universe as a whole. The circle symbolizes eternity, harmony, balance, and wholeness since it never ends. This eternity encompasses all other shapes and designs, giving the impression of harmony, calm, and completion.

Grounding tree of life [7]

The Tree of Life is typically represented as a gigantic tree with roots that reach deep into the earth and branches that reach high into the sky.

These roots signify the universe’s interrelated nature, an eternal bonding between the physical realm we’re anchored in and the spiritual realm we’re striving for.

The Tree of Life tattoo meaning also reminds us of our universal connection to Mother Earth and our reliance on her to develop and flourish.

Seven chakras [8]

The Chakras, which are depicted as whirling disks of light, represent seven energies in our bodies.

Yogis believe that if all seven energies were in perfect harmony, spiritually, mentally, and physically, you would be at peace.

Therefore, a meditation on the significance of each of the chakras’ symbols is one way to balance the chakras.

The chakra iconography consists of lotus, triangles, hues, circles, Sanskrit characters, and other symbols that make up the chakra iconography.

You can discover how to keep them in balance and unblock any blocks by further by delving further into their symbolism.


Those that get Buddha tattooed see him as a symbol of tremendous wisdom and spirituality.

It depicted meditation and contemplation in the image depicting the (or one) Buddha.

Symbolizing compassion and love for all living things, he also represents calm in the face of chaos.


Sanskrit is an ancient Indian language spoken by only a few thousand villagers in India today.

Because the vocabulary and pronunciation create harmonic frequencies, the words are believed to have higher vibrational energy.

You may want to add ancient scriptures in Sanskrit to your Unalome tattoo or get a modern saying thats suits you.

Hamsa [9]

The Hamsa is a positive and prosperous sign. This symbol is utilized to protect and ward off harm and negative energies.

The Hamsa is a common symbol that represents luck, good fortune, health, riches, and fertility in many cultures and religions.

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Namaste means “I bow to you,” When expressed, it expresses love for the person while also showing respect for their space and divinity.

The speaker clasps their palms together at their chest and bows when speaking.

Ganesha [10]

Ganesha is one of Hinduism’s most potent emblems of supreme consciousness.

Many people who follow the faith or perform Yoga will get this tattoo because it represents knowledge.

For example, meditating on Ganesha can help you activate your third eye and calm your racing thoughts.

Ganesha is a prominent Hindu deity with an elephant’s head and a man’s body that signifies good fortune, intellect, and study. He is known as the remover of impediments and is invoked at the start of new activities.

Unalome pronunciation

We often do not know how to correctly pronounce this symbol representing the path to enlightenment. So let’s be in the known on how to pronounce what you tattooed on your body as a life-guiding symbol!

So here is how:

We can break it into three parts: [OON] + [UH] +[LOAM]

For more guidance, you can travel to this video to practice how to pronounce it naturally.

Unalome Meaning – Ending

Each of our life paths is distinct and lovely in its own way. Our understandings of the enlightenment symbol can also differ.

Whatever straightens our course and relieves our pain is a highly personal experience.

The Unalome symbol serves as a reminder of these universal aspects of life. While highly personal, the visual portrayal has an international unity.

We aren’t superior to one another.

We’re both heading in the same direction.

We simply foster it in various ways.

The Unalome meaning understands that pain is unavoidable. However, it is Unalome if you get stuck in this spiral.

Recognize that your pain will not persist indefinitely. It’ll have plenty of time to express itself, but it’ll finally let go.

Even if our suffering is excruciating, there is always hope that it will come to an end.

Even after uncoiling, there is still another layer of uncertainty to consider. The Unalome’s final dot is there for a reason.

The world’s insecurity is unavoidable. But, on the other hand, choosing to deny it will do nothing to improve your self-awareness.

Respecting the process of life means respecting the uncertainty that lies within us. After all, Buddhism is a philosophy of living. It challenges us to think about how we can continue to improve. It encourages us to grow and quench our curiosity without ego.

The Unalome symbol is a lovely emblem to represent. Use it as a visualization tool during your meditation or yoga sessions. Allow it to serve as a reminder of the route you’re on.

Use the Unalome to represent hope if you’re feeling stuck or overwhelmed. It will assist you in navigating the sludge that obscures your potential to grow.

These symbols serve as a tool in the same way meditation and Yoga do. So, take advantage of them and benefit from their blessings.








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