Soomi Jeong

Soomi earned her BA in liberal arts in Korea, and she pursued her MA in public policy. Soomi has years of experience in research and strategy and is currently working as a policy strategist in Korea. Ever since first being introduced to the world of Yoga and meditation by a friend back in 2018, she has taken a deep interest in health, Yoga and incorporated this into a lifestyle. Combining her interest and career expertise, she is passionate about research, informing others about the curiosities around Yoga, and helping others realize more potentials through the vehicle of Yoga.

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Yoga Props

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how to use yoga props – blocks, straps, bolsters, wheels

Yoga prop exercises & stretches When you’re new to yoga, everyone else appears to be...
carbon footprint yoga pants materials eco friendly emissions sustainable

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pollution ? what is the carbon footprint of your yoga pants

More frequently, Yogis are green advocates and passionate preachers of Yin & Yang and the...
yoga statistics


yoga statistics

Global Yoga Market Size and Yoga Industry Forecast Have you ever unrolled a yoga mat,...
unalome unilome meaning symbol unalome tattoo symbol lotus flower tree of life chart third eye pronunciation between breast dharma wheel wisdom third eye enlightenment female

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unalome meaning – symbol / tattoo?

Yogis often get tattoos to represent their commitment to yoga and its philosophy. There are...
The Transformative Journey: How Meditation Rewires Your Brain


does meditation rewire your brain?

Life is a whirlwind of experiences, sometimes akin to a puzzle with missing pieces. Amidst...
digital detox: how to reduce screen Time with yoga & meditation


digital detox: how to reduce screen time with yoga and meditation

In a world dominated by screens, pursuing a balance between technology and well-being has become...
yoga industry statistics


yoga facts, industry statistics

Facts about yoga Given the latest yoga statistics and intriguing yoga facts, it’s evident that...
dark hair woman hip opening yoga pose crying during release meditation

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why do hip openers release emotions?

Why am i crying for no reason with hip openers poses I’ve seen many people...
yogi doing bridge pose pilates vs yoga difference between for core strength book body crossfit how often should you do workout and exercise barre breathing types of is strength training around the world exercise workout gym weight alternatives

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pilates vs yoga

Pilates vs Yoga |  Around the world workout. Despite their longevity and global popularity, Yoga...
yoga group class by the beach Yoga instructor assisting studentsdoes yoga burn calories? how many calories does yoga burn yoga calories burned hot calculator


does yoga burn calories? how many?

Those of you who are still suspicious if yoga counts as a workout. Most people...