9 reasons your holistic business is breaking your heart

holistic marketing for holistic souls

Making money online is a fortunate reality. Today, we can have a business from our kitchen table; inside an RV; a rural farm; from anywhere in the world. Earning money with a meaningful product and/or service is real. But if you’re not doing so well chances are you’re making one or more of these nine mistakes and I’m here to help you set up a holistic and organic marketing strategy that speaks and resonates with the nature of humanity to leverage your business, stay open, and allow abundance, because I see money coming on your way!!!

1- Group Hug

Who is your target market? If you didn’t answer something like women, between 35-45 years, mother of 2, single, income between 80k-100k, city resident, college graduate, working, car owner, house renter, and 2 or 3 more characteristic, you drop the mic, RIGHT NOW and go figure it out! I know you’re thinking “…but my product is for everybody”, but think about a group hug: Let’s be clear, in a group hug, nobody really gets that warm and cozy hug that we like.

In sales, the same thing happens: You can’t hug everybody at the same time if you want to hug well. True, people do have similar problems, but they don’t have it for the same reasons and that’s what you need to have in mind: Your product solves the reason for their problems and you can only learn it if you know exactly who they are, what they do, when, where, how, etc.

When you understand your target market, the message that comes from your heart, your mind, your brain, from Higher (whatever you call it) will reach your customer so powerfully that it will leave them no chance for a second thought because it will become the PERFECT way to solve the reason for their problems 🙂 What a relief.

2- Cure the Pain

People only buy when they have a need for it, a pain. Learn why your customer is looking, ask them about their needs, and you can build your product from them. If you already have a product, you can set your ads towards their needs and let them know how your product can cure their pain. Surveys are very important in order to know your demographic. A great way to survey your target market is social media. Tah-dah! Never thought about it? Set up a question week and everyday post a question, set up a poll, or create a discussion. Choose something light and fun and wait for the answers to come. This shows your client that you care for their opinion and they will give you valuable information.

3-Stop spinning plates

Spinning plates makes people laugh, right? Damn right, so don’t let them laugh at you. At this point, you know who your customers are and the reason they need your products, so now define what industry you’re working with. Don’t sell food and jewelry and shoes and makeup and books all at the same time. Start with only one product so you can start strong. One day you’ll master it and be able to expand and grow to other branches, but that happens with time. Slow and steady. Easy does it!


Dear one, listen up! I’m not here to say innovation is not good, follow the market and copy others – not at all! Be aware and stay connected with the trends. Watch the waves and pay attention to what is popular out there in the “fashion” of products, then create a common context. Create something original with a hint of love straight from your heart chakra! Don’t produce something because it reminds you of your grandma: Remember only you had that unique experience with your grandma, maybe not even your siblings and your cousins. What I’m saying is that your product will not have any relevance in the market. You can raise your chances for success by creating something for which there is already a demand.

5- That is my jam

What does your product/service have that is different than the other? Don’t be afraid if the answer is “nothing.” If you haven’t found that special thing that sparks uniqueness in your offer, you can do it right now! Sit down for a moment, take a deep breath and give me five things you like the most about your product. Now, add these things to the following five characteristics: you, free, because, value, guarantee.

For example:

1. Healing
2. Handmade
3. Aroma
4. Natural
5. Organic

Especially handmade for you _____________ (your target market),

Free of harsh chemicals. You can trust it because it is natural.

Environmentally responsible, we value organic ingredients and guarantee you an efficient healing _____ (your product) that also has a great aroma.

This exercise gives your product a different angle and perspective for your client and makes your offer looks more special. Everybody wants special, right?

6-Mind full is not mindful

We all know wearing different hats is a skill we must have to succeed as entrepreneurs, especially when you have a small business, but often we tend to wear too many hats and we end up not looking good in any of them. Let me give a simple example: Our dear social media. There are so many options out there from Instagram to Facebook to Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, Periscope, and many others. Beyond social media you have your production, shipping, orders, offers, website, mailing lists, blog, personal life and things are just going crazy.

Take a deep breath (three if you will) and make a list as if you were a superhero with limitless time in your day. Write down everything you have to do (a superhero to-do list), then pick only what you’re great (and I mean great, not good), at doing and we’ll go from there. The tasks you are great at are your hats. Someone else has to wear those other hats, because trying to do what you’re not good at, does not bring your company efficient results (aka sales), but rather brings stress and frustration. Remember, you want to sell to the people you resonate with and they will be where you resonate. Where your energy flows easily is where you’ll connect to people. The trust will be enough because you’ll be at your best and the universe will say “Heck yes!” to you.

7- What you get is what you give

Do you know this law applies to business as well? Yeap! If you see business as a take, take, take and you give, give, give, your greediness will fail you. Business is an exchange and it has been since the very beginning. We exchange value (money, goods, services, favors, etc), make use of others’ services (those relevant to you, of course), answer surveys, follow/friend people on social media, endorse other companies, share information, collaborate with someone. Be generous! Don’t think that business is a smelly system, business is a relationship.

In words of Mark Twain: “If you want love and abundance in your life, give it away.”

8- You clean up well!

You gotta be looking good! All of you: your website, store, social media, product labels,tags, and containers must work in harmony. Choose colors that work together, not for your taste, but that truly work together (the are few studies about color on the internet for free). Once you choose your colors and font, use them in all your channels. This will give your brand a personality and your client will be able to recognize you from afar.

This harmony will connect all your “points of sale” and make your message stronger. Don’t know how to do it? Back to step 7, be generous and hire someone, prices vary and, if you don’t have a budget, offer what you’ve got such as products, services, gift cards, or help.

9- The Care Package

You have a regular clientele, and now what? First off: Congrats! They like you – of course, they do, you’re lovable! Now is time for what I call a Care Package, also known as an upsell. Select your regular clients (you can start with your best clients), and put together few of your products that are related to their recent purchases. Make a package with all your love, open your solar plexus chakra and say “I’m powerful, I’m powerful, I’m powerful” and offer it to them. Make sure you tell them how special this is and send a brief explanation how the products in the package relate to the product they’re already buying from you. Be sure to share your love and effort on social media, and I bet someone out there will come to you so you can make them feel special too!

So now you have 9 tips to be extremely successful as a holistic entrepreneur. I feel confident that by applying them to your business, you’ll be able to heal more people, and healing them is healing the world!

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