red crystals & orange crystals

The Starting Point to the Magical Rainbow

If you are new to the magical world of crystals, I hope this guide simplifies your journey. Note that there are many facile ways of approaching the universe of gemstones, but the rainbow method is easy for beginners. So we’ll take a look at red crystals, orange crystals, yellow crystals, and so on. However, we will also mention their benefits; many of these crystals are great for meditation and for an energy boost and motivation!

Many people dive into the crystal world by listening to their intuition.

Others have a desire or need in mind. For example, you might need a boost for your studying or work. You can start from there and search for crystals for an energy boost and motivation.

However, you don’t necessarily have to have a particular need or purpose in mind. If you want to know more about crystals and their properties, you can explore them by their gorgeous colors.

This can be a fun way to start!

Why welcome crystals into your life

Before diving into the rainbow of crystals, you might wonder how crystals are beneficial to our lives. It might surprise you to discover that there is a crystal for almost every need.

People use crystals for meditation and yoga, spell jars, and rituals. Crystals are also useful for an energy boost and motivation or to promote love and compassion. They are also great for protection and energy purification.

And simply wearing them or having them near can be enough for you to benefit from their unique vibes.

Gemstones like Shungite are famous for their ability to protect from harmful EMF radiation.

Red crystals like Sardonyx can provide protection. Orange crystals like citrine can teach you how to enjoy life again.

Then, there are other stones great for balancing chakras and healing from trauma. 

Other reasons people enjoy crystals and gemstones in their lives:

• Can help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD

• Their energy can sharpen intuition and support self-discovery

• Some crystals have soothing vibes and are great for various meditation techniques

• Some gemstones help with feeling safe and grounded

• Crystals help boost energy and motivation, manifest love, luck, and harmony 

No matter what personal rituals and practices resonate with you, there is always a crystal that can support whatever you desire to do.

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Red Crystals

red crystals
Red Crystals: Red Jasper Hearts & Rhodocrosite Bracelets

Red symbolizes passion, vitality, and the fire element. Therefore, most red crystals are action-seekers instead of crystals with more pacifying vibes.

Their energies are intense, motivating, and exciting. And even though their vibes are not necessarily calming, red and pink crystals can be used for meditation.

Add these crystals to your collection if you need the proper mood to get things moving and help with energy and motivation.

Or you can go for lighter shades like pink if you want crystals for feminine energy (with a subtler vibe).

Pink crystals are for sexual energy and sensuality; new starts in love, for commitment, and promote romance in one’s relationship.

The dark red crystals carry more masculine energy. They are associated with mature love and devotion, with quiet passion but durable, intense feelings.

We recommend the following gorgeous red crystal for beginners:

Red Jasper – is the best crystal for vitality and endurance; its coloring ranges from bright red to a brownish deeper red. It’s an excellent red crystal for protection, grounding, and passion.

Red Jasper will help you find balance and inner strength while it will re-energize your body and soul.

Rose Calcite – is a crystal that aligns well with the Heart chakra. It supports the communication between your heart (and desires) with the mind.

Its gentle energy will help you stay open to new opportunities in your life and personal growth journey.

Red Amphibole – we could say it’s one of the best crystals for meditation. It has calming energies and helps you keep your mind clear.

It’s also a great red crystal for those who want to feel comfortable and peaceful with themselves.

Rose Quartz – This crystal is ready to infuse your aura with love and compassion with a pale pink color.

It promotes love (even self-love and self-care), and it will make you feel drenched in harmony.

Rhodochrosite – is another crystal emanating pure unconditional love energy with a more tender vibe.

It helps open the heart and cope with depressive states due to its energies that promote a positive perspective on the world.

Orange Crystals

Orange Crystals
Orange Crystals: Orange Carnelian Towers, Sunstone Palm Stones & Raw Citrine

Orange crystals are like a splash of optimism from dark to lighter tones in your life. They are most appreciated for their energies that revive your ability to feel joy. Many people feel swamped with work and stress.

They experience depression, or maybe forget how to enjoy life due to the passing of time.

However, orange crystals will help you learn how to enjoy your life. They help by making you realize what truly is essential and makes you happy.

Orange crystals will guide your life perspective to the brighter side of things and give you energy and motivation.

They will strengthen your bond with your family and dear ones and make sure you don’t feel lonely or abandoned.

These crystals blend the passion and fiery vibes of the red crystals with the purity and luck of gold.

Orange crystals will stir up your sacral chakra, the center of your emotions and creativity. And support your solar plexus chakra, which helps maintain healthy self-esteem and a warm personality.

These crystals can be excellent for chakra meditation because they infuse your energy with their beneficial vibes.

The following orange crystals will infuse your aura with joyous energies:

Sunstone – this peachy orange crystal reconnects you to the joy of your body, mind, and spirit.

Believed to harness the power of the mighty Sun, this crystal can help you find direction when you feel unsure.

It’s a crystal that can also help those who feel sluggish and need an energy boost.

Orange Carnelian – is known as the sunset stone, and it’s a good choice for building confidence and personal power.

This crystal will re-invigorate your strength, energy, and motivation.

It will help with your feminine energy, and boost your libido. Orange carnelian is a fantastic choice if you wish to explore and fire up your sexual life.

It’s a crystal that blends a splash of passionate red and cheerful yellow.

Orange Citrine – a crystal with sweet, positive vibes that will bring radiant joy to your everyday life.

It’s also a great gemstone if you need some luck and abundance, as citrine is also called the merchants stone.

Orange Citrine, just like many orange crystals, can raise your confidence and self-expression. It will bring warm rays of sunshine into your life. 

Orange citrine is a crystal with more of a yellow vibe than red.

Yellow Crystals

Yellow Crystals
Yellow Crystals: Tumbled Yellow Quartz, Yellow Jasper Bracelet & Honey Calcite Hearts

Like orange crystals, yellow crystals come with a lot of positivity and happiness in your life. They make us feel more energetic and enthusiastic about life and our experiences.

These gems can help those who want to improve their ability to stick to their ideas and opinions.

Many of us might need stronger willpower when dealing with toxic dominant people, and yellow crystals carry those willpower-boosting energies.

They can carry assertive vibes just like red crystals. And they won’t allow you to put up with others’ mistreatments.

They can also help improve your leadership skills and build relationships in which you can feel equal.

Yellow crystals are also known to boost your attractiveness and help with confidence in sexuality. Sharpening awareness, yellow gemstones help you focus on what’s essential or neglected in a relationship.

They are wonderful to attract good vibes into your social life.

We appreciate and recommend the energy of the following yellow gemstones:

Yellow Quartz – is a powerful crystal that will provide you with a sense of personal power, self-worth, and self-confidence.

Associated with the solar plexus chakra, it can activate, open and heal it.

You can use yellow Quartz when you want to uplift your spirit and gain clarity towards yourself. You might even want to try some crystal-guided meditation sessions with yellow quartz.

Yellow Jasper – is also a symbol of willpower and was appreciated in the Middle Ages as the Warrior’s Stone.

It has protective properties and can help you keep your mind clear and discernment sharp.

Yellow jasper facilitates positive communication with people you meet for the first time. So it can be a lovely crystal to have around if you want to make new friends.

Honey Calcite – or amber calcite, has a warm sunny color and gentle but assertive vibes. It’s a crystal that can teach us both understanding, responsibility, and how to feel in power.

You can benefit from honey calcite’s properties when you need to increase your courage, overcome obstacles and grow mature.

Green Crystals

Green Crystals
Green Crystals: Green Aventurine Tower, Jade Pendants & Tumbled Chrysophrase

Green is associated with vitality (just like red crystals), vegetation, and abundance. It’s the dominant color you can find in nature.

Green crystals are frequently used for attracting wealth, luck, success, or for self-development, metaphysical progress, or achievement in one’s career.

They are also perfect crystals for energy and motivation.

The green crystals are great to use if you want to feel more connected to the environment and Mother Nature.

They are great for grounding meditation and can boost energy and motivation by borrowing their vitality.

Green crystals are symbols of new beginnings, balance, and new possibilities. They can help balance your mood, connect your heart to your mind, and calm your Heart chakra, giving you a sense of serenity.

Green crystals are great for building a sense of hope, love, healing connections, nurturing relationships, and trust.

They welcome spiritual growth, explore deeper meanings, and open the heart to overcome past issues and hurtful experiences.

Green crystals are fascinating, and there are many options to choose from for those new to the world of crystals:

Green Aventurine – a powerful crystal long associated with good luck can help you expand your sense of what is possible.

Its vibes support positive outcomes. So you might benefit from green aventurine if you carry it around for a meeting, a job interview, or even a first date.

Chrysophrase – is a crystal that encourages non-judgmental attitudes and can help deal with superiority/inferiority complexes.

It can prove helpful for those who speak without thinking when angry and want to avoid that.

Green Jade – is a versatile crystal with deep and rich green shades. Besides good luck, this stone also brings peace, harmony, friendship, and protection against negative energies. 

Green Opal – this crystal is all about the heart, and it’s effective when used in meditation.

If you struggle with emotional heartache, trauma, or grief, green opal helps you find the inner strength to move forward. 

Green Moss Agate – is another effective crystal for meditation. Its calming and grounding energy will help you deal with negative feelings. It can promote better coping mechanisms against stress and can bring balance between your work and personal life.

Blue Crystals

Blue Crystals
Blue Crystals: Raw Larimar, Tumbled Aqua Aura & Angelite Towers

Blue, the color of the ocean and clear sky, lakes, and rivers, has a cooling touch and a calming effect.

Crystals of the blue color bring authenticity and hope and can give you a mental energy boost. they carry energies that improve our intuition and wisdom while helping us keep our heads cool.

Blue crystals are healers of the throat chakra, which supports communication with the world and speaking our truth.

These blue crystals are perfect for when you need to communicate your needs with clarity.

They help you build and preserve boundaries with confidence and feel understood and heard.

These gems help you feel more in tune with your loved ones as they are efficient in cooling hot-headed anger.

They are great crystals for preventing emotional disagreements. Combined with a red crystal they can make your relationship both harmonious and passionate.

The following crystals are our best pick for anyone who would love to have their serene energy as an ally:

Aqua Aura Quartz – can help you connect to your higher self and access divine guidance more easily.

It is also useful for calming vibes that can help with anxiety and fear. Aqua aura quartz will make you feel safe and secure in times of need.

Angelite – is a powerful crystal that healers appreciate because it provides protection and calmness and enhances the psychic. Angelite’s energy is as soft and gentle as silk.

It’s the perfect crystal to guide you on your spiritual awakening journey. They are also powerful crystals for angel-guided meditation.

Blue Apatite – is a crystal of manifestation, expanded knowledge, and self-reflection. It’s a stone for those who like to plan and love to feel free and unconstrained.

And if you practice meditation, you might want to try a session with blue apatite. That can strengthen your intuition and stimulate your intellect.

Aquamarine – this blue crystal will reduce and alleviate your stress. I will help you quiet your mind (another good stone for meditation sessions).

Many believe aquamarine has an affinity with sensitive individuals; it can teach you tolerance and understanding and encourage a non-judgmental way of thinking.

Larimar – is one of the rarest minerals on Earth.

This blue crystal will infuse your aura with a sense of cleansing calm and tranquility. It can help anxious people cope with intrusive negative thoughts.

Indigo Crystals

Indigo Crystals
Indigo Crystals: Nebula Fluorite Towers & Lapis Lazuli Hearts

The color indigo is often associated with spirituality, virtue, and maturity. Indigo crystals are crystals of introspection and reflexive awareness.

They softly blend the intuition of the purple rays with the trustworthiness of the blue rays.

When you need to dive deeper into your consciousness and discover the truth that your spirit needs, indigo crystals are a great companion.

You can use them in meditative practices, spiritual practices, or when you need to retreat and think about your life. They can be the quiet place you need when you want alone time.

Indigo crystals can help you see through deception, scams, and lies or avoid foolishness coming from ill intentions.

The following indigo crystals are what we recommend, and wish they will be kind guides in your growth journey:

Nebula Fluorite – is a perfect crystal for anyone seeking to balance their life in all aspects. It absorbs and neutralizes negative energies, bringing inner peace and psychic protection.

It can protect your aura during body scan meditation.

Lapis Lazuli – was one of the highest regarded gemstones in Ancient Egypt.

Many say that this indigo crystal helps with insomnia and restless nights and with overcoming depression. 

Sodalite – will encourage you to speak the truth about your feelings and emotions giving you the power to communicate effectively.

Sodalite might help you deal with panic attacks and promote rational thinking.

Labradorite – is a mystical crystal with extraordinary healing powers and vibrations awakening creativity and consciousness.

It’s one of the perfect crystals for gifting to someone with artistic ambitions or using it yourself to give your creativity an energy boost.

Violet Crystals

Violet Crystals
Violet Crystals: Purple Chalcedony Moons, Amethyst & Lepidolite Grumpy Stone

Violet or purple crystals have powerful healing properties for the mind, body, and soul.

They are in tune with the Crown chakra and can enhance your understanding of dreams.

They blend the powerful vibes of the red crystals and orange crystals with the wisdom and calmness of the blue crystals.

As a result, they are great for those who need to stay grounded. And will get rid of any heavy emotional baggage (as they are the best crystals for purification).

The energy of violet crystals has transformative influences. That means they can help you discover and unlock places in your mind you were unaware of.

The following violet crystals can bring mysticism into your life and give your third eye an energy boost: 

Amethyst – is popular as an all-purpose stone. Amethyst dispels negativity and stress with intense healing powers, balances moods, and improves motivation.

Because of that, you can use this crystal to focus during mindfulness meditation and mantra meditation.

Lepidolite – a violet crystal that can boost your dopamine level and harmonize emotions and bodily sensations.

Lepidolite is an excellent remedy for people struggling with mood swings, symptoms of bipolar disorder, and emotional instability.

It’s also one of the crystals that are great for an energy boost and motivation!

Purple Chalcedony – is one of the powerful crystals for feminine energy and healers associate it with the Divine Feminine.

It has a maternal touch and can provide you with emotional security. Use it to connect to your inner goddess or promote more lucid dreaming.