yoga as energy medicine & yoga in the nightclub

Following a near death experience while pursuing her love of music and yoga in India, Parvati Devi returned through the “tunnel of light” charged with a message to share: we are all interconnected as one Earth family. What we each do affects the whole, while the whole continuously supports us.

Known as the “Positive Possibilities Lady,” Parvati encourages those who listen to her music and attend her performances and workshops to believe in the revolutionary notion of possibility.

YT: With your many roles (teacher, musician, activist, writer, etc.) do you ever feel overwhelmed by all that is going on in your life?

Parvati Devi: I feel that my life is blessed. Not that it is without challenges. It is simply that I feel deeply grateful for the gift of being here, on this planet, at this time. As I pursue my love of music and share the grace with which sound can fill our being, I also am able to support people’s evolutionary journey through the practice of yoga, in particular, through the style of Hatha Yoga that I teach called YEM: Yoga as Energy Medicine.

YT: Why is teaching yoga important to you?

Parvati Devi: Teaching yoga feels like it punctuates my life with a regular meditation bell-like reminder. My commitment to teach people to center, be present and plug in to the vast energy of the cosmos ensures that I walk the talk through all I do. It brings me out of the internal creative process and it brings me in from the expansive performance energy that shows can generate. It ensures I am centered, and spirit focused. The balance I find from my meditation practice and in teaching YEM is my sanity line and infuses all I do.

YT: What inspired you to develop YEM?

Parvati Devi: Yoga asana practice, the practice of Yoga’s physical postures, was developed thousands of years ago to assist the purification of the subtle energy channels that flow through our body/being so that we can experience lasting bliss. Yoga teaches us to get out of our own way so that we may know what yogis tell us is Real: that the universe, which pulsates at the eternal rhythm of unconditional love, is in a highly intelligent state of union of which we are each an integral part.

Yoga as Energy Medicine evolved over the past 18 years based on my experience in yoga, meditation and energy work. It is an offering to Nature, which supports and shines through us all. After completing a teacher training program in India, I experienced a life-changing near death experience. Having connected to a field of consciousness far greater than my limited ego or will, I returned ‘from the other side’ with a glimpse of our vast human potential. This experience caused an amplification of intuitive skills I had since childhood, and shed insight into the link between yoga and energy healing.

I began to integrate my intuitive insights with my yoga practice, giving me the means to further witness the flow of energy and make sense of the magnificence I had seen in my near death experience. When I personally experienced injury and illness, I experienced miraculous healing when I surrendered to the wisdom of vital life force found within the body.

YT: What are the essential principles at the heart of YEM?

Parvati Devi: YEM is dedicated to the rooted and expansive state of living I AM consciousness, of being fully alive and in service to the creative flow. This rooted and expansive focus cultivates a balanced state of awareness, which assists the soul’s evolutionary journey back to the One.

I believe that we each have the responsibility to manage our energy and learn to rest in rooted, vital expansion. The creative process, whether conscious or not, taps into a collective field of energy, to such an extent that literally what we each do, think and create both reflects and shifts the directive of our collective consciousness as a whole.

It was in service to this understanding that I travelled to the North Pole in 2010. At the top of the world, I performed several of my songs to help raise awareness of the melting polar ice, and I chanted the 1000 names of the Divine Mother (the Sri Lalita Sahasranamavali). I came home from that journey feeling charged with an even stronger connection to an immense, universal force that can help each one of us wake up, so that we may join together as one Earth family and create positive environmental change to benefit all.

YT: What is so special about the connection between yoga and music?

Parvati Devi: I cannot imagine what my life would be like as a musician without yoga, because they are intricately linked. Not because my current show is called “Yoga In the Nightclub”, but because spirit can be served through sound and sound can invoke spirit. They are vitally interlinked and sacredly bonded.

I explore these ideas of interconnection, service and the divine in my new album and show “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub.”  In the album and show, I weave together my love of yogic consciousness with my love for electronic dance-pop music, as an offering to the Divine Mother, who guides, sustains and nourishes us all.

“YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub” is about yoga being everywhere. It reminds us that our potential to awaken to the Divine is available to us in every moment, no matter where we may be. We are connected to one another inexplicably. We are each vitally connected to the planet. We are part of a vast and intelligent whole, of which we each are an integral part. “YIN: Yoga In the Nightclub” celebrates the fact that we, the planet and the whole are all aspects of the Divine Body of the Divine Mother. What grace!

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