teaching yoga online: building a personal brand

Yoga’s popularity has grown exponentially over the years, and now millions of people all around the globe practice the ancient art for anything from increased mobility and strength, to reduced levels of stress and worry.

With the rise of the internet, yoga instructors can spread their knowledge in a more accessible and convenient way. Building a name for oneself doing online yoga teacher training is a topic we’ll be covering in this post.

Identify your target audience

Identifying your target audience is the first step in creating a successful online yoga teaching business. Which type of yoga would you like to practice? Vinyasa Flow or Yin? Are there particular niches you want to focus on? Prenatal? Sports? If you know what you’re talking about, you can zero in on your ideal student and tailor your marketing strategy to them.

Create a website

An online identity is useless without a home on the web. Your website should have details about your pedagogical approach, academic background, and course offerings. In addition, it needs a blog where you may voice your opinions on yoga, health, and similar themes.

Build your social media presence

Create a strong online identity by using social media to promote yourself as a yoga teacher. Social media sites like Instagram and Facebook are excellent venues for sharing yoga photos and establishing rapport with students. Posting images and videos from your lessons, along with motivational sayings and other meaningful material, can help you connect with your students and other followers.

Provide some free content

Making your information available for free is a great approach to getting exposure and improving your online reputation, which may help you attract new students. You could post yoga instruction videos and blogs about one’s own yoga journey on popular hosting websites like YouTube. By consistently engaging your target demographic, you could quickly rise to the top of your field as an established expert.

Offer specialist material

Selling specialist knowledge through your online courses or workshops is a great method to get exposure to your name. You may reach untapped audiences by creating classes on niche subjects like arm balances or meditation.

Collaborate with other practitioners

Sharing resources and working together with other yoga teachers helps pool resources, potentially cross pollinating your existing audiences and attracting more students. You could team together to lead a seminar or workshop. Working with other educators could also be an insightful way of expanding your pedagogical toolkit.

Be authentic

Lastly, while creating your online presence, it’s crucial to be genuine. Talk about your experiences, both good and bad. Connecting with your audience and earning their trust requires being yoursel, sharing your unique messaging and energy.


In conclusion, you can establish yourself as an authority in your field and grow a dedicated student base by targeting specific audiences, making a website, expanding your social media footprint, giving away enticing content, creating specialist courses, forming partnerships with other yoga teachers and being authentic.