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how to create the perfect environment for home yoga


how to create the perfect environment for home yoga

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setting up your yoga sanctuary for your home practice

A home yoga practice can be one of the most beautiful things you ever cultivate. Whether you allow yourself to really go within, or you prefer to practice more advanced postures (i.e. fall down!) in the privacy of your own space, having a place to feel confortable to do so is such a blessing.

One of the most important aspects of yoga is meditation. The observation of breath, and getting in a particular state of mind is necessary for the execution of some poses – that is why you will find studios with simple, clean and and calming décor.

Here are some steps you can take to create a peaceful environment that gets you in the right mindset to practice yoga at home.

Prepare the Floor

The first step is designing the area or room. This will involve creating a space wide enough for a mat, and any other equipment you might use. It will ensure that you are not worried about knocking the lampshade or breaking the television. If you have hardwood floors, it may be necessary to add another soft layer beneath the mat to be easy on your knees. If you have a rug or carpet, test it for its support. It may be enough to support you, or it may be too soft, in which case you may need a soft board to place on top to create a good surface for your home yoga.

Once this area is cleared, you may want to rearrange the room to follow a minimalist design. This will remove unnecessary distractions while you are trying to concentrate. Sweep or vacuum the floors, remove the day old newspaper, and tidy the place beforehand to free your mind and space of trash and disorder.

Lighting and Atmosphere

The next step is to decide on the brightness of the room. This helps settle the mind, and should be controlled for the time of day to increase or decrease alertness.

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Installing a dimmer switch for any overhead lighting, or using different lamps around the room to control the light can accomplish this. Of course, natural light has its many advantages for our health so opening the curtains in the morning will help you to wake up and greet the day. In the evening however, it is a better idea to curtain your room off as it will allow you to keep your privacy so you do not have to worry about passers-by watching you move through your positions.

Living plants in your room will provide a pleasant backdrop and remind you of nature as you meditate. They are also great for removing toxins from the room and replacing them with fresh oxygen while adding more natural colors to the environment. If you like to listen to music or use it for relaxation, you also need to arrange your home stereo’s loudspeakers. If you live in a noisy environment, say, in a crowded city area, ambient sounds can also help you to get in the mood. If you don’t have a stereo but need music in the background you can still use your laptop or computer to find something to listen to.

Membership for yoga studios can be costly and inconvenient to one’s schedule. The weather may not be suitable to do yoga outside. Your home, however, is almost always available for yoga. Create the right setting, with a simple and clean design, open space, plants and curtains to control how pleasant you want your yoga session to be. A home yoga practice also helps in making yoga an essential part of your everyday life.

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