all about geranium oil

elargonium graveolens

Geranium is a small, tender, South African perennial whose essential oil was not distilled until the nineteenth century. Since it acts as a veritable medicine cabinet and boasts a lovely scent, it became an instant hit.

History of geranium oil

Once known as ‘an herb of Venus, the goddess of love,’ its leaves and oil were used in sweetheart sachets and potions. Geranium was also seen as a protective herb by many ancient races, and used as a talisman to ward off evil snakes and spirits. It is also an insect repellent, and one that is certainly more aromatically pleasing than the commonly used citronella. Its main medicinal use in the past was the treatment of diarrhea and dysentery.

Effects of Elargonium Graveolens

  • Antidepressant,
  • Antiseptic and astringent
  • Stops bleeding
  • Gently stimulates the adrenals and normalizes hormones
  • Calms the mind, relaxes the body, and eases frustration and irritability

Users often report that geranium oil seems to boost the psyche and cheer the spirit. It is also said to have strong regenerative themes and gently helps to balance, uplift, refresh and restore the harmony of the soul. It is ideal for the workaholic perfectionist, and helps inspire the imagination and intuition.

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Uses of Elargonium Graveolens

Inhale the pleasant scent of geranium oil to treat PMS, menopause, fluid retention, and other hormone-related problems, or include it in body rubs and baths. Use in the bath for PMT, stress, moodiness and even a hangover. For use in massage, blend with rose and lavender for restorative relaxation.

To incorporate as an anti-depressant, get relief from PMT, treat menopausal problems, moodiness, hangover, anxiety and tension, place 1-2 drops of oil on your the pulse points of your wrists or temples. Excellent for aging skin and a popular skin therapy, geranium oil treats a host of problems including inflammation, eczema, acne, burns, infected wounds, fungus (like ringworm), lice, shingles, and herpes.

This essential oil also decreases scarring and stretch marks when used in the form of a salve, cream, lotion, or body oil. It balances all complexion types and is even said to delay wrinkling. It is also beneficial for treating cellulite, fluid retention and oedema of the ankles.

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Lastly, in the home, geranium oil can be used used in potpourri for a sweet, fresh aroma, or dropped in a vaporizer for an uplifting, refreshing fragrance.

Try this multi-use essential oil today and experience the many benefits of Elargonium Graveolens for yourself!

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