shadow meditation

On an August afternoon, I sit on a patch of grass in the heart of a shadow shape cast on the ground from the noon day sun. It is the palm of a nameless dark hand, sheltering me from the searing sun. I sit, look, feel. Racing thoughts.  

I notice my vision separating a distant line of trees from the farther hills. then mountains. I lower my gaze to the grass. Hundreds or thousands of blades moving with indiscernible twitches, as if tread on by unseen feet.

I look more and areas of light and dark emerge, enhancing the grass, separating, causing patterns to form and dissipate each moment.  I split my attention between my body and what I see. I observe the effort it takes to do this.

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The heat slithers up my back. The shadow has moved. Aware, I slide back into my protector and continue sitting and looking, feeling. Heightened awareness, calm, and more thoughts of having to leave.   

Walking back to my car, I sense what I am feeling and allow it its presence, trying not to diminish or push the feelings away, nor to artificially enhance them.

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