true nature vs love vs society

authentic love or societal love

Do we understand the power of true nature? Does it contribute to or hinder our experiences in love? Do we truly know and believe in our selves? Everyone is seeking external advice regarding love and relationship.

Society and the projected opinions of mass media seem to think they know how to answer or guide our most personal issues. But if a person outside of my self does not understand my true nature or the true nature of my partner, how can they help me?

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How can someone provide a blanket answer that seemingly applies to everyone? Who hears the voice of our unique true nature?

My true nature blocks me from many things while also allowing the ability for others. Firstly, my nature does not conform to a widely-followed belief about what constitutes love and relationship and/or how to acquire either.

I have tried pursuing the external beliefs taught regarding love and relationship. I have spent years wondering if there is something wrong within me that I feel differently than the advice I hear.

The advice I hear makes me cringe and feels opposite to my true nature.  I hear people preaching tactics all the time. “If you do this, then he/she must do that.”  

We are told to be our true selves yet our true selves rarely experience true acceptance. Are we supposed to change our true selves or learn how to flow within its reality?

My true nature would never allow me to throw a tactic out in hopes of getting something in return. I know deep within a person will always revert back to where they feel most comfortable.

Coping with another person’s true nature is the essential goal yet this never seems to be expressed. People project their own issues on to another when giving advice and aim for blame. But what if people truly are doing their best?

What if what appears “blameful” is someone’s true nature fighting for expression and understanding? Who is healthy enough to interpret the human experience from such an objective perspective?

I aim for a life of creativity, love, emotion, inspiration, meaning, purpose, freedom and passion. They feel like my true nature. But they struggle within the context of structure. And I rarely hear these words being described when people speak of their marriages, lives and relationships.

Is this why most people are sick and seeking a cure?   

We all have the intention for love and happiness. As the co-owner of a dating website, I read through hundreds of profiles of people expressing a true desire to find connection and acceptance.  We all ache for unconditional love yet rarely apply the understanding of true nature in to this equation.   

I believe a life in true alignment seeks no cure. I question the entire premise of life as dictated to us. Few people are able to access their innate nature of creativity and higher purpose within society’s model.

We are taught to work, pursue money, to study, marry and have children. To create schedules and extra-curricular events for our selves and our kids. What if these goals are not in alignment with our true nature?

Does anyone care? And somewhere in between all these activities is a hope for happiness. I rarely hear the call to discovering our true nature. I rarely hear the value in digging deep inside to access a reality beneath the surface…a place of vision and meaning. The call to deep thought and connection. The path to another life.

Everyone is trying to fix something, especially in the context of relationship. As a society we run around in circles trying to cure the inevitable which is true acceptance and understanding of what is, of our selves, our true nature and that of another. The world could be a lot quieter if only we could.

I admit I know little about true love and acceptance of another. I know only that I live for the hope of experiencing love according to my best understanding even if it goes against the mental capacities of others.

I seek a life through the eyes of creativity that allow me to interpret my own understanding. And I seek a heart where trust still stands a chance. For in the end, only the universe knows best. And I surrender.

If only I stay true to my nature, and give space for my higher potentials, I believe and trust my ultimate destiny will find me.

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