to all the men out there! 10 ways to love your partner

Gentlemen, do you know that many of us (ladies) enjoy receiving a beautiful bouquet as a way to be shown your love?

I fall in love again whenever my husband, Jesse, comes home with his arms full of roses. It may sound cliché to you, but this playful and active way of showing consideration and gratitude fills my heart every time. And I do not doubt that your partner would, too, if you happen to do the same.

Expressing your love doesn’t have to be done in big bursts that will mark your relationship for decades; just little gestures here and there to make her feel appreciated and heard are enough, and you’ll reap all the benefits for you and your relationship!

But be mindful of this. Your kind attention and treats must come from the heart and be free of expectations. The love you will express to your partner through small gestures should only serve to be more connected to her. Giving her flowers or other small gifts right after an argument or to ease a conflict is not the best timing. This gesture could be associated with a difficult moment, not your love for her, so choose a time when you both feel good about your relationship.

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Let me give you some simple ideas that will help you express your love for your partner and are sure to invigorate your relationship.

1. Leave her a message.

Write a positive and romantic message to your partner from time to time and leave it where she is most likely to find it: on the kitchen fridge, on her bedside table, in her purse, next to her teacup, etc. That will show her that you care and give her an excellent start to the day.

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2. Serve your partner breakfast in bed once in a while.

Morning person or not, she will appreciate your gesture, no doubt. If you have children, you can even plan to have them babysat one morning so that you can spend more time together.

3. Offer to read to her.

Does this activity surprise you? Well, it does. Quietly reading a chapter of her novel will undoubtedly touch her. And you’ll be surprised if you’ve never done it before, how touching and intimate such a moment of sharing is.

4. Do something your partner loves that you usually deny her.

She may want to see a ballet, a play, or a concert by an artist you like less. Forget your reluctance and go for it. Buy tickets and ask her to meet you at the exact time and place of the performance. Going separate routes and meeting her there will make the event even more unique, and dress up for the occasion.

5. Whenever she evokes a positive emotion in you, let her know.

Do you think she’s beautiful? Do you like what she said or admire what she did today? Let her know! Never be greedy to give a compliment. In return, don’t be surprised if she gives you incredible attention.

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6. Ask her from time to time how she’s doing and, most importantly, pay attention to her response.

This attention is far from negligible! Without planning or calculation, take a spontaneous interest in her, and ask her how she is or what she is thinking (as she may ask you sometimes). This habit is the foundation of intimacy between you. So make sure to take advantage of it. Genuine curiosity creates deeper connected relationships.

7. Prepare a bath for her.

Run a bath and float some flower petals in it (yes, it will work its magic!) But don’t do it to get into it with her. Proceed only with the pleasure of giving her a moment, and let her suggest joining her.

8. Make her discover a unique place.

Go to a new restaurant. Visit a temporary exhibition. Book a room in a beautiful hotel you’ve never been to or have a gateway as a surprise weekend. Doing new things keeps the love alive!

9. Give her a massage.

Offer to massage her once in a while. Choose a time when everything is quiet, and nothing is on the agenda. Giving her some dedicated attention could get her to feel closer to you… and you to her!

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10. Show your gratitude.

From time to time, take a moment to express what you are grateful for in your relationship. Do this when your partner is relaxed, so she can hear you and take in what you’re sharing. Your words of appreciation will go deep into her heart, and you’ll witness her feeling grateful in return.

So, isn’t it easy to make us fall in love again with you, dear partner?

After all, expressing your love through simple gestures, like coming home with a bouquet, doesn’t just benefit us women but also serves you, gentlemen, and our couple!

Please share your ideas below so our community can be inspired!

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