yoga for manifesting: 3 reasons why practicing yoga can help you manifest”

Manifestation Yoga: Ways to Manifest Through Your Yoga Practice

Are you familiar with the concept of manifesting? In a nutshell, it’s about creating the life you truly want (with some interesting universal twists thrown in) by visualizing what you wish to, infusing it with love and unquestioning belief, and then simply letting the desire for it go.

Suppose that sounds far too confusing (and a little bit like wishful thinking), then perhaps it might help to know that you already do it. Everything and everyone we have in our lives has been manifested there by us. You have created your own life, your universe, and your circumstances.

It’s pretty empowering! Whether you like it or not, where you are right now and how happy you are is all because of you. So learning how to consciously manifest – how to create the life you truly want – is totally in your hands.

Maybe you’re brand new to manifesting, or perhaps you’re an old hat at it. A thousand different techniques range from dream boards to chakra balancing (the internet is filled with tips and tricks if you’ve got a few hours).

While I can’t tell you which ones will work for you and which ones won’t, I can tell you that regular yoga practice even yoga training online may be just the thing you need to tip the odds in your favor. Here are my top reasons why:

Yoga gets us in touch with our inner self

Some people like to call it their soul, others their ‘divine self’, but whatever your name for it, we’re talking about that part of you that makes you, you!

Your essence – the part of you that isn’t your job, your gender, your likes and dislikes or even your thoughts. Maybe you haven’t spent a lot of time with this part of yourself, but it’s the part that knows what you really should be manifesting!

Spending some time on the mat will help you get closer to this part of yourself and help you to figure out what to bring into your life for your highest good.

Of course, it takes time, patience, and a whole lot of practice and can be a lot more confronting than you think, but it’s this constant effort to get to know yourself that’s going to result in you having the life of your dreams.

Yoga teaches us to be grateful

My favorite yoga quote is by Yogi Bhajan – “The attitude of gratitude is the highest yoga.” The words are up on my studio wall and are a constant reminder not to focus on what I lack but on what I have.

When we focus on a sense of lack, we are grasping and greedy, which I’m pretty sure the universe isn’t the biggest fan of. We can’t let go of the outcome, so we don’t give our manifesting the space to happen.

Focusing on what you already have and being genuinely grateful for it every day gives your manifesting the space it needs to happen and unfold.

So, before you start thinking about what you want to display, spend a while thinking about and being grateful for what you already have.

Yoga generates love and compassion

It might sound a bit airy-fairy, but it is true! Not only do the Yamas and Niyamas (yoga’s ethical code) talk about the importance of these feelings towards all living beings (and ourselves!), but the physical practice of asana (postures) moves energy and balances through our chakras (our bodies consciousness centers).

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When we look at manifesting, like attracts like, which means that as we cultivate and then spread more love and compassion into the community around us, the universe shows greater love and compassion towards us, allowing our manifestations to come into being!

It’s a beautiful circle of giving and one that can help us manifest and create and feel a sense of true joyfulness simply.

In short

Yoga is a spiritual practice that means just that – it is a constant practice, week after week, month after month, allowing our lives to shift slowly and our consciousness levels to slowly rise.

Unfortunately, one class probably isn’t going to be enough to do anything too unique, but over time the cumulative effect on our lives and our manifestations can be truly amazing.

Whether it’s a vigorous power vinyasa class or a juicy restorative yin practice, bringing a little yoga into your life will hopefully get a whole lot more. Tell us in the comment box below if you liked our article on “manifest yoga”.