portable sauna – an in depth look

Portable Sauna | You might love adding an infrared sauna to your routine, but you might also be intimidated by the hefty price tag and space required that accompanies at-home saunas.

The good news is that there’s a smaller, more convenient, and less pricey — but still effective — alternative: An infrared sauna blanket

If you’ve been curious about investing in an infrared sauna blanket, you’re in the right place. This guide answers all your most pressing infrared sauna blanket questions. 

What Is an Infrared Portable Sauna Blanket?

An infrared sauna resembles a sleeping bag. However, it’s much more sophisticated than the ratty old nylon sleeping bag you take camping.

Infrared sauna blankets plug into the wall and use infrared rays to directly heat your body (rather than heating the air around you, which is how traditional saunas work).

Because they heat your body directly, infrared sauna blankets get very warm on the inside, but the outside isn’t hot to the touch, making them safe to use indoors.

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Basic Infrared Portable Sauna Blanket Features

Infrared sauna blankets allow you to adjust the temperature to stay comfortable and work up to higher heat levels. They feature a convenient dial to turn the temperature up or down based on your needs and preferences.

These blankets often come with timers, too, so you don’t have to remember to turn the blanket off when you’re finished. You can fall asleep while wrapped up without worrying about overheating. 

Infrared sauna blankets are usually made from water-resistant, easy-to-clean fabrics — such as polyurethane (or PU) leather. They also feature waterproof layers between the infrared heating elements and your body, so you’re never directly exposed to them.

portable sauna infrared portable blanket benefits

Are Infrared Portable Sauna Blankets Good for You?

No. Infrared sauna blankets offer numerous benefits to help you achieve various health and wellness goals. They’re not necessarily suitable for everyone — we’ll talk more later about those who shouldn’t use infrared sauna blankets — but they are valuable tools for many people. 

Infrared Portable Sauna Benefits

Now, let’s get into the specific benefits infrared sauna blankets offer. Here are some of the top reasons why you might want to consider using one:

Longer Lifespan with a portable sauna

Research links regular infrared sauna use to a longer, healthier life.

One study followed 2,300 men for 20 years and found that those who used the sauna 4-7 times per week were less likely to have died in that period than those who used it 1-3 times per week.

Improved Cognitive Health

Some studies show that spending time in infrared saunas can protect the brain and reduce one’s risk of developing dementia. These benefits are likely tied to the anti-inflammatory benefits of infrared sauna use and the fact that infrared saunas support better mitochondrial health. 

Reduced Stress

Relaxing in an infrared sauna or infrared sauna blanket is an excellent way to reduce stress. 

When you spend time in a sauna, you can disconnect from your everyday responsibilities. Sauna use is also linked to lower cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

Improved Sleep

Many people find that they sleep better when they use an infrared sauna or sauna blanket more often. The stress-busting benefits of infrared saunas make them the perfect addition to your nighttime routine

portable sauna infrared portable blanket benefits

Improved Skin Health

Using an infrared sauna blanket may improve your skin health and combat signs of aging. Exposure to infrared rays can stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that play a critical role in keeping your skin supple, smooth, and youthful.

Stronger Immune System

A single session in an infrared sauna can increase white blood cell production

White blood cells protect the body from infection and are vital components of a healthy immune system. Regularly using a sauna or sauna blanket can strengthen your immune system and help you avoid illnesses and infections. 

portable sauna infrared portable blanket benefits

Reduced Chronic Pain with a portable sauna

Relaxing in an infrared sauna or wrapping up in an infrared sauna blanket can soothe aching muscles and minimize chronic pain symptoms.

Exposure to heat can increase blood flow to stiff or sore areas and promote faster recovery. It also helps to loosen up stiff joints and improve one’s range of motion.

Improved Mood

Spending time in an infrared sauna has also been shown to reduce depression. Participants in this study saw rapid improvements in their mood and prolonged benefits.

Infrared saunas and sauna blankets might help those with depression because they reduce stress and stimulate the production of hormones like dopamine and serotonin. 

portable sauna infrared portable blanket benefits


An infrared sauna blanket is an excellent alternative for those who want to enjoy the benefits of infrared saunas but can’t afford to buy one for their home (or can’t afford to visit a gym or spa regularly).

Portable Sauna blankets are a fraction of the price of an in-home sauna, so they’re much more accessible to the average person. 

Ease of Use portable sauna

Infrared sauna blankets are also easy to use. In just a few steps (discussed in more detail later), you can start experiencing all the perks infrared saunas offer. 

How Do Infrared Portable Sauna Work for Weight Loss?

Weight loss is another one of the most commonly cited reasons why people utilize infrared sauna blankets. Here are some specific ways that infrared sauna blankets can help you lose weight:

Increased Calorie Burning Potential

When you spend time in an infrared sauna blanket, your heart rate and body temperature naturally rise. An elevated heart rate and body temperature lead to an increase in calories burned.

In other words, an infrared sauna blanket can help you burn calories without extra exercise. These blankets aren’t a substitute for working out altogether, of course, but they can provide an additional boost to those looking to lose a few extra pounds. 

Reduced Water Weight

Infrared saunas and sauna blankets also cause you to sweat more profusely. Increased sweating means you’re losing fluids and “water weight.” When you lose weight, you look and feel less bloated and may appear leaner in pictures.   

How to Use an Infrared Portale Sauna Blanket

In addition to providing many health and wellness benefits, infrared sauna blankets are also easy to use. To start enjoying all the perks that an infrared sauna blanket has to offer, follow these steps:

Choose Your Sauna Spot

Find a place to lie down, wrap up, and feel comfortable.

Perhaps you’ll set up your sauna blanket on your bed or couch, or maybe you prefer to lie on the floor. The choice is yours. 

If possible, choose a location that’s quiet and free from distractions so you can relax and unwind in peace.

Plug in the Blanket

Make sure your sauna spot is close to an outlet, too. You’ll need to plug your blanket into the wall to heat it. 

Adjust the Temperature of a portable sauna

After plugging in your blanket, adjust the temperature based on your preferences.

If you’re new to using an infrared sauna blanket, start with a slightly lower temperature than what’s recommended by the manufacturer. Starting “low and slow” helps ease in and avoid overheating.

Once you’ve set the temperature, wait while the blanket preheats. The preheating process usually takes just a few minutes.  

Slip Inside and Get Comfy 

When the blanket has reached your desired temperature, slip inside, lie down, and get comfortable. Close your eyes, pop in some headphones or slip on an eye mask for maximum relaxation.

Set the Timer

Once you’re settled, set the timer.

Again, start low and slow if you’re new to the infrared sauna blanket.

Ease in with just a few minutes so you can get used to the heat. Then, gradually increase your time in the blanket with every subsequent use.


Now, all you have to do is lie back and relax. Let the infrared rays do their job!

Who Should Not Use a portable sauna blanket?

Many people can benefit from infrared sauna blankets; however, they’re not for everybody. The following individuals should consult a physician before trying a sauna blanket:

Those Who Take Certain Medications

Some medications affect the body’s natural heat-loss mechanisms and make you more sensitive to heat. Examples include barbiturates, diuretics, and beta-blockers.

Anticholinergic drugs like amitriptyline can also inhibit sweating and increase your chances of developing heat rashes. The same goes for over-the-counter antihistamines, which can increase your risk of heat stroke.

Those Who Are Pregnant or Breastfeeding

Pregnant and breastfeeding individuals should consult a doctor before using a sauna blanket. They might be more sensitive to heat than those who aren’t pregnant or breastfeeding. 

pregnant lady portable sauna blankets benefits

Those with Cardiovascular Conditions

If you’ve been diagnosed with a cardiovascular condition like high or low blood pressure, congestive heart failure, or poor circulation, you should be cautious about exposing yourself to high heat.

Exposure to high temperatures increases the heart rate and blood flow. These effects usually aren’t a big deal for healthy individuals, but they can be stressful or problematic to those with heart conditions.

Those with a Reduced Ability to Perspire

Some health conditions, such as multiple sclerosis, central nervous system tumors, and diabetic neuropathy, can impair one’s ability to sweat. Impaired sweating, in turn, may hinder the body’s natural heat control processes. 

Those Who Are Prone to Bleeding

If you are a hemophiliac or have another condition that makes you prone to bleeding, infrared saunas and sauna blankets are not ideal, as they increase blood flow and may worsen your condition.  

Those Who Are Insensitive to Heat

People who are sensitive to heat might feel uncomfortable in an infrared sauna. However, those who are insensitive to heat could face even more significant problems. They might struggle to know when they’ve overheated, increasing their risk of experiencing heat rash or heat stroke.  

Those with Certain Types of Implants/Devices

Talk to a doctor before using a sauna if you have a medical implant like a metal pin, rod, or artificial joint. These implants can reflect infrared waves and usually aren’t heated by the sauna, but it’s still a good idea to check first.

Consult a physician before using a sauna if you have a pacemaker or defibrillator. The magnets in infrared saunas can interrupt these devices and affect their functionality.

How Long Should You Stay in an Infrared Sauna Blanket?

Most professionals recommend capping your infrared sauna blanket session for one hour. If you stay wrapped up longer than this, you might be more likely to overheat.

Can’t commit to a full hour? No problem. You can start experiencing benefits from your infrared sauna blanket in just 10 minutes.

Start with a time that feels manageable to you, especially if you’re a bit nervous about the effects the blanket might have. Remember, too, that you can always increase the time or get out of the blanket early if you feel uncomfortable. 

Is an Infrared Sauna a Gimmick?

Whenever a tool like infrared saunas or infrared sauna blankets becomes widespread, it’s easy to assume they’re just gimmicks with no real value. That might be the case for some devices, but it’s not true of infrared saunas and sauna blankets.

Many studies (including those linked in the “Benefits” section of this guide) show the power of infrared saunas and the utilization of infrared rays to improve health and well-being. If you’re still on the fence, consult the research before investing.   

 Do Infrared Saunas Do Anything?

Yes! Infrared saunas — and portable saunas and sauna blankets, for that matter — do a lot!

It doesn’t matter if you want to lose weight or need help reducing stress and winding down before bed. Regularly relying on infrared sauna technology can produce impressive results and support you on your journey to feel your best. 

How to Choose an Infrared Sauna Blanket

If you’re leaning toward using an infrared sauna blanket but don’t know how to choose the right one, these tips can help. Use them to streamline your shopping and find the best blanket for your needs:

Look at the List of Features for your portable sauna

Make sure the blanket you’re considering offers the essential features.

For example, does it offer temperature controls and a timer? Is it made from non-toxic fabrics? Does it have convenient velcro straps to prevent heat loss?

Consider Color Options for your Portable Sauna

A lack of color options might not be a dealbreaker, but purchasing a portable sauna blanket in your favorite color can still be fun. 

Survey the Specifications

Look closely at the blanket’s specifications (or specs) before buying it. Consider its size, temperature range, and voltage to ensure it works for you and meets your needs and goals.  

Check Out the Materials

Consider the fabric the blanket is made from. Is it water-resistant? Can you clean it quickly and easily? Are you allergic to any of the materials? 

Ask About a Money-Back Guarantee

Look for blankets that come with a money-back guarantee. The guarantee should apply for at least 30 days, too.

This guarantee allows you to see how you like the blanket before you commit to it long-term. 

Read the Warranty Information

Check out the blanket’s warranty information, too. If it breaks within a certain period (such as the first year of owning it), can you get a new one? 

What Do Portable Sauna Reviews Say?

The last tip for choosing an infrared sauna blanket is to read reviews. Find out what other people think about a particular blanket before investing in it.

Generally, the more positive reviews an infrared sauna blanket (or any product) has, the more likely you will be happy with it.

Here are a few reviews for Sun Home Saunas’ infrared portable sauna:

Patrick K. (5 stars)

“Heats up quickly and is snug. It exceeded my expectations and is well worth the money.”

Cornelia W. (5 stars)

“Quality construction. Purchased to aid in recovery. Deep heat for joint and muscle pain. So glad I made this purchase. Sleep has improved after use. Best investment.”

Jill P. (5 stars)

“I got this via a contest win and initially had issues w/the controller working. Their customer service dept was beneficial and sent me a new one. I received it yesterday, and as soon as I got off work, I just had to “jump” in and try the blanket. It The instructions were simple, and it was straightforward to use. I’ll be incorporating a new regimen into my working week.”

Tyler F. (5 stars)

“I suffer from chronic pain and have high-stress levels throughout the week, and this infrared blanket has been my savior. I cuddle up on this thing almost every night before bed and feel incredible during and afterward. Thank you, Sun Home Saunas!”

Are Infrared Portable Saunas Good for You?

What do you think: Is a portable sauna good for you? Now that you know more about the benefits of these blankets, are you ready to invest in your own?

Sun Home Saunas’ infrared sauna blanket is a great solution if you want to support cellular health, speed up your weight loss efforts, and enjoy the stress-busting benefits of an infrared sauna.

Visit their online shop to buy yours!