11:11 phenomenon

understanding whats behind these numbers: 11:11

What do those two words bring to mind? Maybe they conjure up images of a saffron robed monk or a candle on an altar. Maybe you imagine somebody sitting meditating or doing yoga.

Whatever image springs to mind I’m pretty sure that the thought of numbers as being spiritual would not have been uppermost in your mind. However, it is my understanding that numbers are in fact deeply spiritual. I’m referring in particular to the number 11:11.

All over the world people are experiencing a very strange phenomenon known as ‘The 11:11 Phenomenon’.

This is the mystifying appearance of the number 11:11 in their everyday life. It appears in a way that is so dramatic that there’s no way it can be dismissed as coincidental.

Nor can it be explained by attention bias because it happens to people who have never even heard of the 11:11 phenomenon.

Maybe you are one of the many thousands of people who have noticed that you keep looking at the clock just as the digits line up to 11:11.

If so, you’re probably asking why and wondering what it means. What made you look at the clock at that precise moment? Why does it happen again and again?

My Personal Encounter with 11:11

Eleven years ago I was hit by the 11:11 phenomenon.

The number 11:11 appeared in my world in such a dramatic way that it couldn’t be dismissed as mere coincidence. It was so extreme in its appearance that I was frightened. I was scared because seeing all these ’11’s’ didn’t (and couldn’t) fit in with my view of reality.

What I really wanted (and what I couldn’t find) were answers that explained why 11:11 was appearing in my world and what messages (if any) this number was trying to give me.

I declared that whatever it took, I was going to find the meaning of it. I decided that whenever the number patterns appeared I would use them as signs and follow them.

Once I had embarked upon my incredible journey then other numbers started to appear in my world, especially (but not restricted to) the numbers 222, 333 and 444. My research suggested that some people believe that these numbers were the angels speaking.

If that was the case, then why did they use numbers rather than words? I also began to see number patterns such as 12321 or 224422 and I used all of these as signs.

To explain how I use numbers as signs I’ll give you a practical example:

I had the intuitive feeling that I needed to go to Italy. I looked at the price of flights online and 90% of the flights were priced at £111. To me the 111 is a number sign so I booked a flight.

My e-ticket came through at 11:11a.m. That always happens after I have taken a leap of faith. It’s a confirmation sign.

When I arrived in Italy more number signs appeared that showed me the way forward and gradually revealed the purpose of my trip.

I had committed to the Italy trip as soon as I saw the signs. I didn’t hesitate or question. I didn’t consider the weather, my own personal comfort, the cost, the availability of accommodation or the details and endless possibilities of the itinerary and final destination.

All those thoughts belong to the mind and the path of number is the path of no-mind. I need to stress this fact: mind interference is the block to action. I just took a leap of faith based on the appearance of the numbers and trusted that all would unfold perfectly.

That’s all. That’s what I do. That’s how I live my life. There had been enough number prompts to convince me that the trip was happening. End of story.

(Number Woman by Hilary H Carter)

The Rewards of Living by Numbers

You might think that’s a crazy way to live and in a way it is, but the rewards are immense.

Firstly, by surrendering your personal will to the numbers, the hold of the ego is loosened as you’re no longer operating from an ‘I want’ standpoint. Secondly, to notice the signs you need to be 100% aware and in the moment which is quite difficult for most of us.

We tend to spend a lot of our time thinking and being lost in thought. Thirdly, I have had to learn a lot about non attachment as I have been guided to let go of an awful lot of attachments! I learned that I can’t be attached to anything, not even to expectations.

Of course I need to add that intuition must be used alongside the signs because if something doesn’t feel right then I would not do it.

Eleven years down the line I have come to the conclusion that numbers are not only deeply spiritual but can in fact be used to guide us in our lives. I believe that numbers can show us our soul’s purpose and teach us to ‘be spiritual’.

Letting go of the small ‘I’, being in the moment and practising non attachment are all tried and tested ways of becoming more spiritual and the path of number allows us to put them all into practice.

I found the courage and faith to flow with the signs and in doing so I have been transformed.

What started out as an experiment has now become a way of life. There’s no way I would want to go back to living a ‘normal’ life. My life as the Number Woman is full of meaning, magic and miracles.

To depart

I hope that this article might open your eyes to the world of numbers. Maybe one day you too will feel drawn to explore their messages. All that is required is courage, awareness of the moment, faith and the surrender of your ego.

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