discovering yogarenew: my personal journey with online yoga subscriptions

This is my comprehensive review of this recently discovered platform YogaRenew Streaming. If you ask ten people about their yoga learning sources, you might find at least one person who mentions learning from YouTube or other online platforms.

The popularity of online yoga learning is on the rise, becoming increasingly overwhelming with the fast access to the internet. With all the online options available, if you’re unsure what to choose, you’re in the right place.

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Key Takeaways:

  1. Comprehensive Platform: YogaRenew offers a well-structured and professional online yoga teaching experience suitable for all levels.

  2. Variety of Courses: The platform provides a range of courses in different yoga styles and teacher training certified by the Yoga Alliance.

  3. User Experience: YogaRenew stands out for its user-friendly interface and ad-free experience, unlike free platforms like YouTube.

  4. Diverse Class Options: There are eight main categories, including Basics, Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal, and Gentle, catering to various needs and preferences.

  5. Expert Instructors: Over ten established instructors offer diverse teaching styles, allowing users to choose according to their preferences.

  6. High-Quality Content: The platform features high-quality videos with clear audio, comfortable teacher voices, and excellent studio setups.

  7. Interactive and Detailed: The classes are interactive, with detailed explanations and options for different poses, enhancing the learning experience.

  8. Personalized Experience: The platform allows for a customized yoga journey, with the flexibility to choose instructors and class styles based on mood and need.

  9. Comprehensive Sessions: Classes are well-structured with introductions, focused asana practice, and closing speeches, providing a complete yoga experience.

  10. Community Feel: Despite being an online platform, YogaRenew offers community and personal interaction.


YogaRenew is a well-designed and professional online yoga teaching platform for all levels. It offers different courses in yoga styles and the proper teacher training with the Yoga Alliance.

My Perspective:

As an active yogi, I like to practice independently, and sometimes, I also need fresh input from others. Over the years, I’ve tried many online platforms, like NikeTrainingClub, Yoga with Adriene, DOYOUYOGA, Breathe and Flow, etc. Now that I’m reflecting on my experience on all these platforms, I found one thing that matters: comfort. That’s the feeling of YogaRenew gives me. I felt I was in my place while following their videos.  

Unlike YouTube channels, it’s disturbing when the ads pop up. Yes, you can find as much good and free stuff on YouTube, but in the end, it’s not the same as YogaRenew, a professional online platform that only focuses on providing the best user experience.

Here is a personal comparison that I made based on my own experience.


What do I like about YogaRenew?

The structure of the class options is apparent.

There are eight main categories: Basics, Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal and Gentle.

For example, in the “Basics” level videos, I can find specific videos for a particular part of the body/certain functions, like “Yoga for the Neck and Shoulders.”

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Over ten established and well-trained online instructors

I won’t get bored when I practice on YogaRenew. I can choose the teacher I like or practice with different instructors based on my mood.

Example 1: I like to practice Vinyasa with Briana; her style is easygoing. It allows me to dive deeper into each pose and make variations when needed.

Example 2: “Full Heated Practice” with Julie Pasqual. First, her whole personal presentation has a specific power that immediately draws my concentration. She is so good at storytelling, which I found accommodating in enlarging my yoga knowledge. Then, she naturally led the topic of heart practice from the story of Ashtavakra, who his father cursed.

After that, she played the instrument and sang the Mandurah simultaneously. At that moment, I felt so relaxed and convinced she was the right person for what I’d be practising with.

I’m a big fan of this style of class structure. A total of 53 minutes of class, divided by a well-designed introduction for around 12 minutes, focused asana practice on the topic for over half an hour, chilling down and closing speech for around 10 minutes: a good start and end. I felt more energy from the inside after practising with her.

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High video qualities

I have to give a big applause to the studio set-up and video editing. The audio is clear, the teachers’ voices are calm and comfortable, the natural light through the windows, the angles of the yoga pose shootings, etc.; the list can continue, but you get my points. All these details are the key to motivating me to continue learning from the platforms.


There are a lot of interactions in the videos that provide comfort and make me feel I’m not alone.

For example, in the video “Women’s Restorative Class with Deidra Demens.”

She offers many options and explains the poses in detail and the feelings well with her calming voice. It helps me to reach my total relaxation.


My little sharing can be helpful for you in evaluating the online yoga platforms. YogaRenew is a path toward self-discovery and yoga proficiency, not just an internet platform.

It provides individuals seeking an online yoga sanctuary with skilled instructors, excellent material, and various styles. Take this article as an invitation to enrich your yoga practice with YogaRenew’s expert guidance.

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YogaRenew is an online yoga teaching platform offering a range of courses in various yoga styles and teacher training suitable for all levels.

YogaRenew provides a professional, ad-free experience with high-quality content, expert instructors, and a user-friendly interface.

YogaRenew offers classes in Basics, Vinyasa, Meditation, Restorative, Yin, Hatha, Prenatal, and Gentle, among others.

Yes, YogaRenew features over ten well-trained and established online instructors, each with a unique teaching style.

Absolutely; YogaRenew is designed for all levels, including beginners, with specific videos and classes tailored to different skill levels.

Yes, Yoga Renew offers a variety of teaching styles, allowing users to choose instructors based on their personal preferences and moods.

The platform boasts high video quality with clear audio, natural lighting, and well-angled shots, enhancing the learning experience.

Yes, many classes on Yoga Renew are interactive, with detailed explanations and options for poses, providing a comprehensive and engaging experience.

Yes, advanced practitioners can benefit from the diverse range of styles and the expertise of the instructors on Yoga Renew.

Yoga Renew offers a path toward self-discovery and yoga proficiency, providing each individual with a personalized and enriching experience.