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yoga barn

yoga barn

by Janelle Maree janelle maree
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a day of yoga in ubud, bali

This hub of yoga & wellness in Ubud is paradise for yogis. Though you will be hard pressed to find meat-loving mammals at this barn, a conscious community of open, yoga loving folk will welcome you inside no matter where you lie on your path to enlightenment! Men are slowly catching on to its popularity amongst females of all ages and recent renovations to the on site café, make it an even more attractive venue to call home for the day whilst munching on the buffet of wellness options available. Below are some highlights of the exhibits that may be experienced at the YOGABARN.

Awaken to the sounds of roosters and wake up your body and mind in a Morning Flow Class. Resist the temptation to hit the snooze button as this class fills up with guests from all around the world adjusting to their Bali body clocks. Suitable for all levels, the experienced gurus will meet you exactly where you are. The class starts with gentle stretches and builds up gradually over the course of the 90 minutes re-energising every cell and working up a healthy appetite for breakfast nearby.

Get to know your classmates at the communal tables in the recently revamped organic garden cafe onsite, formerly ‘Little K’ , and experiment with a new diet. With all styles of traditional and nouveau health cuisine under one (thatched) roof, why not theme your day around a style? Macrobiotic Monday works for me! Remember to look ahead to the class timetable to inform your choice of solids or liquids!

Before the lactic acid in your muscles gets a chance to accumulate, a low impact YIN class is the recommendation for 11am – assuming you want to maximise your time ‘on the mat’ whilst you’re visiting! Appreciate the value of holding a pose for 5 minutes and if you’re lucky enough, learn the art of self-massage with tennis balls. After 90 minutes of well-rounded body stretching, float out of the studio and venture back to ‘THE GARDEN KAFE’ to finish where you left off or follow the well-worn path to its big sister ‘Kafe’, about 300m up the road, also owned by Yoga Barn co-founder, Meghan Pappenheim.

Choose anything from the menu and trust that it’s going to meet the approval of your health coach! Mingle with long and short termers in this iconic meeting place for the lycra crowd. Meander back to the YogaBarn and register for a consultation with one of 12 practitioners to gain alternative insights into the state of your health.

KUSH, the most recent addition to the YOGA BARN family, specialises in Ayurvedic treatments. Book in a consult with Uma Inder and christen the sparkling new treatment rooms set amidst rustic surrounds.

Finish your daylight hours back where it all began and recline on a mat in your favourite pose of Savasana to be taken on a sound journey like no other. Led by Shervin Boloorian, the resident sound medicine healer, let his team of talented musicians weave their magic with their range of unique instruments during a Sound Medicine class. Arrive early to admire and try and identify their toybox of instruments on display. Bathe the senses in the healing energy and transform your body, mind and soul into a state of bliss. Be transported to the ocean, the rainforest, fantasia and the land of Zen whilst you drift in and out of consciousness allowing the masters to skilfully work the room. Snoring is not only permitted but instead encouraged adding to the cacophony of sounds!

HUNGRY again? If it is a Monday, join in the Indian buffet at ‘ THE GARDEN CAFÉ’ and finish off the day with a MOVIE NIGHT with your new friends before escaping into la la land. Don’t forget to study the timetable before you go to bed and plan tomorrow. With 75+ classes to choose from, it will be hard to resist coming back for more.

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