yogaline alignment yoga mat

Confidence with the Yogaline Personalized Alignment Yoga Mat.

YOGALINE | Practicing yoga with confidence is easy when you can find ideal postures for your body.

Yogaline Mats make things easier with lines engraved on their mats to help you find alignment in different yoga postures.

These alignment guides show you exactly where to place your hands and feet. 

Co-founded by brother-sister duo David and Amanda Sutcliffe, Yogaline’s mission is to empower people to practice safe and effective yoga.

Practicing yoga in alignment with your body improves your practice and all the benefits that come with it! 

Customize your mat

Made-to-measure for you.

Every Tailored Alignment Yoga Mat is custom-made with alignment markers for your body.

You submit your body measurements, and they are used to calculate the position of your personal alignment markers.

Yogaline also has the Essential Alignment Mat, which has all the Yogaline mat features with universal alignment markers.

Be fearless with a super-strong grip.

Yogaline mats are made from natural rubber with an eco-PU top layer that gives you a strong grip during your practice.

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The mats’ grip helps keep you grounded in any condition (either wet or dry), from sweat in hot yoga classes to more challenging Vinyasa flows.

The top surface absorbs and wipes away sweat and moisture, maintaining a rubber-like grip. Your hands and feet won’t slide around during your poses!

YOGALINE – Eco Friendly & Biodegradable yoga mats.

All Yogaline mats are free from PVC and parabens.

They are eco-friendly, made with sustainable and innovative manufacturing, and will last longer than other yoga mats.

The mats are made from 100% natural rubber, and the packaging is completely recyclable and plastic-free. The Yogaline mat will even biodegrade naturally in a landfill at the end of its life!

Personalised yoga mats, unique to you.

You can also personalize your Yogaline mat even more with something unique to you engraved on your mat. You can include an optional name or monogram for free, making your mat just as unique as yours!