natural beauty by kyer wiltshire


book review

Natural Beauty by photographer Kyer Wiltshire features breathtaking photographs combining the elements of nature with the feminine form. The stunning images reflect diversity in nature, from deserts to forests, oceans to mountains, and the elements of water, earth, air and, fire.

Co-created with women from diverse backgrounds, representing five different continents, the photos and personal stories of the women in this book reveal the deep connection between nature and the essence of the feminine soul. Inspired by nature since childhood, Kyer intended to create a safe container for the women photographed to push their edges and land in nature’s comforting hands in a place of ultimate comfort.

book cover naked beauty Kyer Witshire

Kyer furthered this vision by co-creating with different aspects of the natural landscape along with a diverse group of women, all but two of whom are not professional models. This inspiring must-have coffee table collection is divided into sections reflecting strength, wonder, connection, grace and, insight.

With Mother Nature as a partner, the images in this book offer free and full expression without restraint. The dance between the feminine body and the land reveals the expansive essence of nature in her many forms, physical and elemental.

2 naked woemn in forrest long hair book cover naked beauty Kyer Witshire

Accompanied by short essays where the women share their journeys of embodiment and liberation, whether from trauma, insecurities, self-imposed limitations, or societal oppression, Natural Beauty shows how movement through challenge leads to transformation and the radiant natural beauty of being alive.

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