yoga dharana

By: Tiana Wallace
Edited date: December 23, 2022Estimated reading time: 1 minutes

aligning the upper body with lauren mones

With all of the Yoga DVDs now on the market, choosing can be overwhelming. However, if you have a specific reason for practicing yoga, then chances are there is a DVD in line with your intention.

One new release that should be on your list is certified Anusara instructor Lauren Mones’ Yoga Dharana: Aligning the Upper Body. This DVD offers basic yoga poses which emphasize alignment of the shoulders, neck, and head. The viewer is led through four easy steps, derived from the Anusara’s Universal Principles of Alignment. Mones gracefully demonstrates asanas, articulately describes how to do them, and her soothing voice proves a great relief while you are sweating and feeling challenged.

Although intermediate and advanced practitioners could benefit from this DVD, due to a slower moving pace coupled with extra instruction, it is most appropriate for beginners.

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