practicing yoga in bali

Bali is decidedly one of the “yoga capitals” of the world – there is truly a varied and rich offering of yoga experiences going on at any time of the year in the island.

A Bali journey will no doubt include some time in either Ubud or in the Seminyak/Canggu area. These are the areas with most of the yoga studios where you are welcome to attend open, regular yoga classes.

Yoga Shala practices ashtanga yoga in Seminyak, and many other studios are springing up around Canggu, along with the established Desa Seni. A little secret gem is Iyengar teacher Olope, taking the experience of this therapeutic practice to a whole new level. Samadi along with The Practice are two newbies on the scene. Extra special touches like the Samadi Sunday market, and The Practice’s free evening workshops are delights that we highly recommend.

When in Ubud, Yoga Barn is the biggest, (and some would say most beautiful) yoga studio, offering a variety of classes by experienced teachers throughout the day.

Radiantly Alive is another staple studio in Ubud equipped with well trained teachers. That being said, yoga in Bali has grown so much in the past decade that most places frequented by foreign tourists, no matter how remote, will offer the chance to take a yoga class. You are welcome to read our YOGI TIMES reviews for more details on yoga classes in Bali.

Numerous internationally renowned yoga teachers make a point of scheduling yoga in Bali as part of their travel itinerary – another proof of how much the island is entrenched in the yoga world. Throughout the year you will find a plethora of yoga workshops, courses, trainings, and retreats taking place. Just check your favorite teacher’s travel itinerary and chances are high they’ll be in Bali soon!

Don’t miss the Bali Spirit Festival – this multi day event joins together yoga devotees from all over the world to experience a diverse stage of musicians, healers, yoga apparel vendors, healthy food stands and international yoga teachers in an alluring setting just outside of Ubud.

Whether it’s an extended period of time or a short trip in Bali – taking some time to experience yoga in Bali is an enriching experience even for those new to yoga. The exotic settings of most studios and retreat centers add a new dimension to your practice and there are many top level teachers offering exciting yoga journeys!


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