bali vegan restaurant warung

This charming little spot on Ubud’s main road is a must eatery for vegans and vegetarians who are struggling with Indonesian cuisine.

The inspiration for each dish comes from traditional Balinese cooking, however there is a twist. The entire menu is 100% vegan! The menu comprises of, delicious mock fish with a spicy vegetable tomato sauce served with rice, popular mock chicken satay, tofu teriyaki and a variety of other tempting dishes that you can spread the ‘vegan word’ to. All of the mock-meat dishes are made from soya protein, seaweed, flour and vegetables. A main dish is around 25k Rupiah which is a good value considering the location and portion size.

There is realness to the food here, hearty and homely nourishment you get from the basic plates, yet tasty and satisfying. Vegan food really doesn’t get better than this!

The atmosphere is friendly and basic. There seems to be a ‘no frills’ approach to the overall décor, however there are some beautiful artworks on the wall, which remind you of Ubud’s cultural reputation.

If you are lucky enough, you will get to meet and talk with the establishments owner Eko and her good friend Frank, who helps with the overall running. You will then get to know exactly why this place is so special. Inspired by her own practice of meditation, Eko set out to open a Warung (Indonesian restaurant) that lives by conscious eating and a concept of, “Be veg, go green, and be happy”. Her infectious smile and warm spirit pours into the life-blood of this place, which is built on moral values, conscious food and a love for her community of like-minded spiritual seekers.

If you are searching for great vegan cuisine at its best when in Ubud and a charming environment, you will not be disappointed with Bali vegan Warung!

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