the nile institute

By: kyle roderick
Like its namesake, the Nile Institute is a cradle of civilization, only in this case, we are talking 21st century spa civilization. Here you will be enfolded in a hushed, timeless ambience enlivened by exceptionally attentive care, the highest quality organic essential oils and other organic skin products. As the antithesis of a corporate spa, the Nile flows with an array of highly individuated and effective spa treatments customized for the individual’s health, wellness and beauty needs. “We feel blessed to serve the community,” says owner, spa programmer and aesthetician Nina Curtis. “We enjoy serving our clients and getting to know their needs and wants. We are also actively becoming a sustainable spa and aim to be an industry leader in this area. ”Offering one of the most highly personalized, eco-friendly spa experiences in town, the Nile may become a favorite zone to reboot your mind and body. “Like the river that we are named after, we are a vital source and a refuge,” Curtis adds. But what about the spa treatments? The Nile emphasizes the value of reflexology, the origins of which can be traced back to ancient Egypt, as illustrated by inscriptions in a physician’s tomb at Saqqara. Reflexology can help alleviate stress and promotes the Relaxation Response, the medically confirmed condition during which heart rate slows, breathing rate stabilizes, blood pressure drops, immune function is enhanced and natural painkillers such as endorphins are released. Try the Pampered Soles Reflexology treatment, which can be customized to help remedy current health issues. All skin care treatments at the Nile Institute are also customized to meet the specific needs of the client and their skin on the day of their appointment. The Organic Herbal Skin Rejuvenation Facial utilizes organic skin care products that work to cleanse, exfoliate, tone and rejuvenate face and neck. It includes manual lymphatic drainage massage, which feels extremely soothing and further enhances the blood circulation, oxygenation, tone and vitality of the skin. The deep relaxation of this facial adds value to the treatment. The 60 minute treatment costs $150, and the glowing results last a good 24 hours. For tired yogis, fried professionals or those simply frazzled from living and working within our human family, very few treatments can compare to D.A. Boots Leg Therapy. It’s the answer for out-of-shape, restless, over-exercised or jet lagged legs. Using compression therapy and mild massage, this treatment feels as if you are receiving a four hand massage on your limbs. Circulation and lymphatic flow are increased, which engenders a feeling of core strength, stability and lightness. A series of treatments are recommended to individuals wishing to help control cellulite and edema. Stretching 45 minutes and costing $100, this will recharge you from the ground up. A series of 10 costs $800. The Pharaoh’s Delight stimulates the body’s chakras with color, light, sound therapy and Reiki, improving blood circulation and lymphatic function. Whichever treatment you choose, the Nile is a source of pure and life-renewing energy. Tap into this spa and let its treatments help your life force flow. Read next >> the niroga institute

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