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the pyramids of chi and the power of sound

By: Christina Elizabeth Miller
Edited date: November 15, 2022Estimated reading time: 2 minutes

Peter and Lynn, a retired couple, built the pyramids after receiving a vision to help people discover the wonders of complete relaxation using sound, vibrations and breathing techniques. The Pyramids of Chi opened in March 2017.

The two pyramids represent the moon and the sun and are built to scale with the pyramids in Giza. One pyramid is dedicated to playing ancient sounds while the other focuses on sound and breath therapy. Sound travels evenly around each space creating amazing vibrations and energy.

During sound healing sessions at the pyramids, the rhythm, beats and vibrations of the gongs and drums reduce your brain waves that dominate conscious thought while increasing those that introduce deep relaxation and increased awareness of inner-self.

Other instruments mimic sounds of wind, rain, and birds so it’s hard to distinguish if you are inside or outside. These beautiful sounds vibrate you to your core, making the experience different for every individual. Some people will sleep during it while others may cry. Both reactions are welcomed and encouraged. A typical session lasts 90 minutes.

Full moon and new moon ceremonies are popular events at the Pyramids of Chi where you can clear energy as you set your intentions for the next month. The ceremonies help you feel connected to the earth and the energy around you while releasing everything during the event.

Meals, similar to what you will receive at a ceremony, are available at the cafe in front of the pyramids. Surrounded by intricate symbols of spirituality, you can enjoy delicious meals, desserts, and drinks while relaxing and connecting with others around you. In fact, conversation and connection are encouraged as there is intentionally no Wi-Fi. The Pyramids of Chi offers a place to disconnect in order to reconnect.

Whether you come with the intention of having sound healing or simply want to have a unique experience, you will leave The Pyramids of Chi energized, revitalized and with a new perspective on sound healing.

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