flowers and fire yoga garden

Flowers and Fire is a warm and welcoming retreat centre located on the beautiful island of Gili Air. With aesthetically pleasing accommodations, a variety of yoga classes, and a vegetarian wholefoods cafe, this centre is the ideal spot to relax, recharge, and reconnect.

This community-oriented centre is home to 2 yoga studios; an expansive treehouse shala, and an open-air space overlooking a pool and lounge area. Classes in Vinyasa, Yin, Hatha, and Meditation are open to yogis of all levels and experience.

Stay on the property in one of the natural and organic Lombong style bungalows surrounded by nature, and enjoy the minimally processed, nutrient-rich cuisine from the onsite cafe. Comfortable poolside cushions create a nurturing and inviting atmosphere, perfect for reading, working, or chatting with fellow visitors.

The name Flowers and Fire (a nod to the traditional Hindu offerings of burning incense and flowers) reflects the philosophy of the center: to honor ancient spiritual practices and culture while offering thanks to the community that supports them. The centre is committed to supporting the broader community and aims to serve as a platform for local businesses and entrepreneurs to market their ethical creations. They also promote sustainability onsite with their zero waste initiatives and eco-friendly permaculture garden.

In collaborating with local partners, Flowers and Fire are elegantly leading the charge to preserve the beauty and condition of Gili Air for all to enjoy.

Flowers and Fire is a space where all are welcome, a place to relax, to eat, to network, to move, and most of all– to come home.

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