beth shaw’s

Broaden who you attract to your studio by providing a DVD for those students who love to get a workout through spinning. Beth Shaw, founder of YogaFit and a leader in mind/body education, created YogaFit for Cyclists; an effective yoga program for athletes to help the healing of your strong body.

Although indoor stationary cycling and bicycling provide a superior cardio vascular workout that is sure to get your blood pumping, using this YogiFit DVD in addition to your training can help alleviate common aches and pains related to cycling, such as tight hamstrings and quadriceps.

Cycling over a long period of time, or for many days in a row forces the body to remain in forward flexion, which causes a subsequent problem of tightening in the muscle groups of the lower body, quads, hamstrings and gluteus. With Beth Shaw and her YogaFit for Cyclists, you are sure to expect noticeable openings in these areas.

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