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green business


green business

 Reviewed by nancy nazarian
Written By amy townsend
Reviews | Books | Business
a five-part model for creating an environmentally responsible company

What happens when you decide to go green but don’t know how? It happens often enough with individuals, but what about with businesses? Green Business offers a five-part model for companies who want to create an environmentally responsible business. Guiding you along the path of “greening” your company, this manual takes you from the drafting of mission statements to the final output of products. While discussing how to “green” your employees and facilities, Townsend doesn’t shy away from explaining why some companies don’t go green, offering insights from past success stories along with unfortunate failures. Some of the 17 highlighted case studies include Patagonia, IBM, and Mitsubishi.

In a time when more people are asking how they can go green, Green Business is the source of their answers. By either offering green products or serving as examples of green business, your company can join in on the fast-growing eco-conscious industry. Learn what is driving the movement and what your company needs to do in order to enhance its environmental performance. Leaving nothing in the dark, Green Business offers a well-documented look at all angles of a sustainable company. Rise to the occasion with the rise of green business.

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