This CD was fittingly found like a good omen, offering a recent (re)discovery of great excitement. Astonishingly, this release by Aurah is from 2002, and predates the Buddha Bar series and many of the top CDs of this past year.

Based on Paulo Coelho’s best-selling book The Alchemist, the transformative music of Songs of the Alchemist frees the imagination by interweaving lavish vocal textures and insightful lyrics with scintillating sound layers and exotic accents from around the world. 

There are few titles that are as hauntingly ethereal, and it still fits beautifully into the expanding world of music for yoga. Marc Dold and Judith Martin (who comprise the duo Aurah) show listeners just how dreamy electronica can be. They each wear different hats on this material, some of which features Martin on lead vocals, and some of which is instrumental. In addition to singing gorgeously, she provides synthesizers and flute; Dold – a record producer whose credits include Enya’s “Only Time” – helps with the synthesizers and contributes acoustic guitar, bass, violin, and percussion. Some of the tracks incorporate elements of Spanish flamenco and North African music, as they bridge whatever gap remained between pop and electronica.

You may have already heard their work on shows like Charmed, Felicity and Sex in the City. Frankly, it is a brilliant album; it will take your breath away like mystic incense, and will turn your household into a sensual resting place and global sanctuary. 

You might also enjoy Kismet, which is more instrumental and textural by nature, and just as beautifully crafted from beginning to end. 

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