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God Wears Lipstick

God Wears Lipstick

Published: 21-09-2012 - Last Edited: 12-08-2021

God Wears Lipstick

Perhaps it”™s my love of the absurd, but when I picked up Karen Berg”™s God Wears Lipstick with its Sex and the City-looking cover, I couldn”™t wait to read it. Packaging spirituality as chick lit is a brilliant marketing device, and Berg doesn”™t let her audience down.

As co-director of The Kabbalah Centre (Madonna”™s home away from home), Berg obviously knows what she”™s talking about. But unlike other books on the subject, the wisdom she doles about the ancient once-secret mystical practice is not communicated in an earnest manner, but rather in a hip Jewish mother manner, complete with references to Jimmy Choo shoes.

Covering such territory as how to attract the perfect mate, how to create a better sex life, and how to transform potential, God Wears Lipstick is The Rules for today”™s spiritually-conscious woman. A good introduction to a fascinating subject, it”™s refreshing to read something that doesn”™t take itself so seriously. 

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