why are you searching?

the illusion of universal consciousness

How often have I asked yoga students to feel their connection to Universal Consciousness, Source and even God? I now think back and laugh recognizing the fallacy of my own request coming from my own desire for unity and oneness.

After spending time and effort quieting the “fluctuations of the mind”, observing my thoughts and understanding their cause and effects I now offer you this bit of insight:

There is no Universal Consciousness”¦there is no Source”¦there is no God. These are all beautifully packaged concepts that wrap around and often create separation to the essential ingredient of all life!

What is the essential ingredient that humanity has spent eons, yugas and ages trying to understand? We have taken life a part, dismembered all its beings, found healing practices based on myopic perspectives, created systems to diminish the power and keep humanity controllable and societies nicely organized. We developed expertise on minute aspects of technology, giving individuals immense power over communities. Yet, the essential ingredient continues to be longed for and desired. People journey all over the world to find it, touch it, study it, understand it and explain it. The Ancients from the Aboriginals to the Rishis have spent time and effort to try to define it. Religions from the Quakers to the Sufis have tried to contain it and name it.

The way to understand this essential ingredient is only through your own inner journey.

On my walk in life, I have called this journey by a name”¦Yoga. I believe everything and anything can be Yoga”¦what binds it all together is the desire to go in, to cultivate, study and develop awareness. Why make this effort in the first place?

This is a very important question that EVERY PERSON needs to ask themselves. Why go in, why cultivate, why study and why develop awareness? If you cannot answer these questions with clarity and honesty then you will struggle through, constantly searching, often taking 1 step forward to only take 3 steps back. So before you embark to understand the essential ingredient, ask why?

If you have read this far, you are probably still wondering what is this essential ingredient. It is indescribable”¦.undefinable”¦.untouchable and elusive, constant”¦.penetrating”¦ liberating and revealing. You may find yourself diving into it”¦. merging with it ”¦..you dissolving into it ”¦you will evolve from it. You will become it”¦you will become this”¦ you will be become that”¦ you will be.

Through your being you will inspire others to seek, journey and ask the question”¦why?

To Yoga Teachers: I feel this is your main work”¦inspire a journey to allow the fellow practitioners to ask questions and find their own answers. Here are the essentials steps of the journey to experience the essential ingredient

1. Get quiet – Hear the Song of Silence
2. Get Still – Feel the Dance of Stillness
3. Feel the Vibration- Experience the Nectar of the Moment

Matter is limited, yet it is the most tangible tool we have that allows us to begin the exploration of energy, it is ONLY a starting point.

In the words of teacher, A.G. Mohan-ji “Steady Mind, Steady Breath, Steady Body” and the rest will come.

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