letting go – the power of surrender

trusting the universe

Some might think pushing your way through something is powerful. Personally, I tend to believe that surrendering and letting go can be just as expansive, and even more difficult for some. Yes, there are times when we need both. But today, I am sharing my experiences with letting go, and allowing.

The Challenge:

I go back and forth between feelings that I am not doing enough, and letting go to surrender into the moment. My mind is quite strong, and sometimes I need to be consistent with turning the volume off on the voice that says, “I am not doing enough.”

Because quite frankly– that voice is a lie.

Even if we need to push ourselves beyond our limitations, we are ALWAYS exactly where we are supposed to be. This belief comes with trust in the Universe; with trust in yourself, and with the knowledge that you are enough, and that you do enough.

This is what I tell myself:


How To let go.

When I believe that I “should” be doing something, there is always pressure and resistance. Maybe you have felt this. That feeling is an indicator that something is off. When these kind of thoughts come in they are basically blocking you from the truth of who you really are, and the truth of the moment.

I mean, really– are these thoughts true? When you really answer these questions, the answer is no. They are just beliefs.

So — why not believe something positive if you are going to make something up??

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Try letting go and trusting. See what happens.

When I remember to let go and allow myself to just BE, my life flows with ease, joy and grace. I know exactly what I need to be doing, and opportunities and spontaneous grand experiences begin to happen. Things just flow, life becomes magic, and everything just feels like it’s in sync.

Even when something feels out of alignment, stay in a state of surrender, and trust that movement creates more opportunities for growth and change.

A Powerful Prayer

Another powerful tool I use to practice letting go is this prayer:

Spirit/Universe/God, I ask to be of service to you. I leave my faith and trust in your hands. Please show me what to do.

Repeat this prayer as many times as you need to throughout the day. Feel how it brings you a sense of peace and calm. This prayer invites the Divine to take the lead; it alleviates all the pressure and helps me to connect to my purpose and flow. The Universe knows deep down what you love and want, and when you get out of the way, it starts to align your life with those experiences.

To depart

If you aren’t already doing this, I invite you let go and let the Universe show you the way.

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Share with us ways that you have let go and surrendered to the Universe and how it unfolded for you in the comment box below.

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