just be

just be being stop doing happy spirituality

As a western woman I find society educates me to find happiness outside. As a vocational student of eastern philosophies and medicine, I understand on my skin how hard it is to combine those two realities into a functional healthy personality.

After a year off western standards, my standards, my senses are wider and sharper. I hear friends having hard times overcoming their sense of solitude, I see people with aggressive behaviors, others unwilling to help in a situation in which they are the only one who could. I see people taking medicines for their headaches, smoking cigarettes and getting drunk, and a couple of days later complaining about how sad they are, how incomplete they feel or how their job is not what they really want to do. I see also people working on themselves, being passionate about what they do, trying to let go, to grow, to be honest and healthy but falling into mind’s tricks.

I believe the solution it’s easy to say, but not so easy to see. If you see a problem change it. If your mind is healthy, your body is healthy. How would you feel If you conditioned your mind to do right things for your body? Wouldn’t you be proud of doing the right thing no matter what other people think of you? No matter what the old you would think of the new you?

How are you emotionally? Sad? Worried? Nervous? First of all, do you want to change this emotion or is it comfortable to feel this way? Just try to change that feeling. Look at it from another angle. How does that feel in the body? None wants to be sad, but some people say they are depressed and that is a condition. That is a cage. And around it, scientific research gives neurological explanations, medical solutions, pharmaceuticals consumptions, social consequences.

So what if we all have ups and downs and we could be all better trained to love ourself and love others. Drugs are unnecessary if you are unhappy. It will just make it harder for you to be serene, efficiently coping with the different layers of reality we are confronted with. I have been in the bliss of a beautiful sangha, a community of people in Asia and other parts of the world where humans unite to sing, practice yoga, meditate, give and receive massage, gather around a fire, in nature. We experience the beauty of being alive. We find the best cure.

We allow ourselves to Just be. How do we do it more? We allow ourselves to Just be. I hold this reality in my heart now and try to call upon it every now and then, I AM. What if, amidst all the drama and problems, you whispered to yourself, “it’s all perfect as it is” ? 

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