kangen water reviews: alkaline water to feel brighter and live better

What is Kangen water?

Kangen water is the water produced by top-quality alkaline water machines made by Enagic International. Kangen water machines take regular water from your tap and give you safe, healthy, hydrogen-rich water. And the benefits of alkaline water don’t stop there. There are endless perks that make a Kangen water machine the best use of your money and our precious aquatic resource.

What does an alkaline water machine do?

pH stands for potential hydrogen. It’s a measure of how acidic/alkaline a substance is, based on the amount of free hydrogen and hydroxyl ions present.

Ranging from 0-14, 7 is neutral. A pH lower than 7 indicates acidity and greater than 7 that a substance is alkaline.

ORP stands for oxidation reduction potential. A positive ORP means a substance has a higher possibility of oxidizing, excellent for cleaning and sanitizing outside the body.

Hydrogen water has a negative ORP suggesting that it has the potential to anti-oxidize, making it great for oral consumption. In addition to pH level, ORP values determine the quality of water.

Why alkaline water is good for you

Alkalinize your body

You may have heard of the alkaline diet by now among your healthy living discussions.

Alkaline advocates swear by opting for alkaline foods such as fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Unlike acid-forming foods like meat, dairy, and grains, alkaline foods bring the body to an alkaline state. An alkaline state is ideal because diseases like cancer and harmful bacteria can thrive in acidic environments.

High acidity has also been linked to bone density loss, contributing to Osteoporosis and arthritis. Alkaline foods are also supposed to improve digestion, expel toxins and improve overall health.

Water is life

“Kangen” is Japanese for “return to origin.” Drinking Kangen water is a means to return to our original way of being, giving us access to the vibrant life that nature intended for us.

Before diving into the benefits of alkaline water, it’s important to remember why we should care about the quality of the water we use. It’s easy to write water off as simply a physical necessity. However, besides being our most critical resource, water is an essential element of nature, and the essence of our emotional lives.

Our bodies are roughly 60% water. This means the water we drink and bathe in inherently replenishes our being and contributes to who we are as people.

Water is alive. You may be familiar with the work of Dr. Masaru Emoto and his theory on water consciousness. Emoto demonstrated that water molecules are shaped by their environment, thoughts and emotions. Positive experiences alter the water’s state in the same way they do for us.

Many of us go about our lives not knowing what’s in the water we drink. For example, in the United States, there are around 316 pollutants in average tap water. 202 of them have no safety standards. Filtering water is becoming more and more necessary as populations rise and pollution continues.

Understanding water’s role in our physical, emotional, and spiritual lives makes our relationship and responsibility to the best water obvious. That’s why Kangen water is a step towards a thriving future.

Benefits of alkaline water

Alkaline water is great for your immune system and can help balance your bodily systems. Suppose you’re looking for something to ease minor ailments such as acid reflux, high blood pressure or blood sugar, or elevated lipids. In that case, Kangen water reduces your systems and helps the recovery process.

The refreshing effect of Kangen water is also said to boost energy, improve mental clarity, and profoundly improve the quality of sleep. Who couldn’t use a little extra light and life force to fire up their day?

On top of feeling better, Kangen water has some fun bonus benefits. Glowing skin, thicker hair, and an easier time maintaining a healthy weight.

kangen water machine benefits alkaline good for you

How do Kangen water machines work?

A Kangen water machine is a small unit that gets installed under your kitchen sink. You connect it to your cold water line and faucet and continue to use your tap for drinking and cooking. A spout with a lever controls the ionization process to dispense the type of water you choose.

After the machine filters out the impurities, it performs a process called electrolysis, where platinum-coated plates separate hydrogen and oxygen. After this process, the machine provides you with different types of water with varying pH levels.

Most Kangen water machines have two tubes. One is for acidic water and the other for alkaline, producing water with a pH between 2.7 and 11.5. The commercial model has two tubes for alkaline water to optimize your use.

Kangen water machines also have a built-in cleaning system. It makes it easy to maintain and ensures your alkaline water stays fresh and safe to drink.

Types of water produced by alkaline water machines

Strong water

This is the most alkaline water produced, with a pH of 11.5. While this may be too alkaline to consume internally, it is ideal for household cleaning. Household soaps often have a high pH because of the gentle cleansing effect. Use strong water to clean kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wash and prepare food, and even remove stains from your clothing.

Drinking water

Just like the name says, this is the perfect water to consume and will help bring your bodily systems “back to origin.” The suggested amount of water daily is your body weight in ounces.

Neutral water

This water is perfect for any situation where you want to be careful with altering PH levels. You may want to use it to prepare your baby’s food, as it will be gentle on your baby’s system.

Use it when drowning medication to avoid any negative reaction that a PH change may cause.

Beauty water

With a 4-6 pH level, this water is actually very close to our skin’s pH. People who use it to wash their hair and clean their face have reported its soothing effect, and an extra glow. Keep this skin-friendly water in mind for your fur babies at bath time.

It has even been said that spraying beauty water on your food before freezing helps keep the food’s flavour.

Strong acidic water

This is the most acidic, with a PH of 2.7, making it perfect for disinfecting surfaces. It can also be used as a mouthwash to fight bad bacteria as long as you don’t swallow!

What makes Kangen water different than other alkaline water?

The Japanese are known for top-quality production, and Enagic sets the same standards for their water machines. Since 1974, Enagic International has been the leading manufacturer of alkaline ionizers and water filtration machines worldwide.

Enagic is certified to ISO 13285, ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 for both environmental and quality control, the Water Quality Association Gold Seal for product certification, and also a member of the Direct Selling Association.

Kangen water machines last for over 20 years with proper care and maintenance. Kangen water also carries a variety of antioxidants and minerals, unlike other alkaline water you can purchase.

You can find multiple reviews raving about the quality of their Kangen water machine’s platinum plates and long-lasting efficiency.

Be aware that a water machine is best when wanting to go alkaline. You may have seen plastic bottled water brands claiming to be alkaline. This simply isn’t possible because hydrogen rapidly diffuses in plastic.

It’s possible that distributors filled the bottles with alkaline water. But it is definitely not alkaline by the time you get to drink it. Save money on these products and invest in a Kangen water machine if switching to alkaline water.

True Health Philosophy

Alkaline water benefits go beyond cultivating a healthier body. Investing in the refreshing, ethically-produced alkaline water is a means to attain optimal holistic well-being.

The three principles that make up the Kangen philosophy are a healthy body, a healthy mind, and healthy finances. They emphasize the “5 Kangens,” the areas of your life that will “return to origin” by drinking quality alkaline water.

Physical Kangen: Many of us are physical stress from unnatural diets and lifestyle norms. Bringing the body back to an alkaline state allows vital energy to enhance every other area of our life.

Financial Kangen: Enagic offers alkaline water lovers endless opportunities to start their own Enagic business. Sharing the secrets for excellent health and earning high-income returns that allow them to experience life for what it’s worth.

Business Kangen: Business with Enagic offers stability and a sense of security that gives

Personal Relationships Kangen: Sharing knowledge and inspiring others to return to health strengthens personal bonds and connections.

Community Kangen: Contributing time and effort to sell and inform others about the benefits of alkaline water helps create healthy communities. It also gives advocates a sense of purpose.

kangen water machine benefits alkaline good for you

Choosing your Kangen water machine

Kangen offers a variety of models of their water machine to fit your needs. A speaking device with up to five languages is available so you can interact with your machine with ease. Varying sizes are available to suit either families or commercial venues.

Different models have different ORP. A higher ORP has greater immediate benefits. A lower ORP is still effective and better for energy conservation in the end. The model you choose will depend on your lifestyle and what you hope to get from your Kangen water investment.

Kangen water machines can be pretty pricey. This is only because Enagic provides the most efficient and long-lasting alkaline water machines out there. Between 2-4 thousand dollars, depending model. Upper models definitely have their perks. But with a lower budget, you can still start drinking alkaline water and change your life for the better.

Check out Enagic for more information on which model will work for you. Look into their business model if you think you may want to be an advocate for happiness and hydration. We also found these on amazon: the Hydrogen Water Generator, the Santevia Gravity Water System, the Pure Hydration Alkaline Water Machine.

Whatever route you take, remember that healthy water means a healthy life.
Let’s get alkaline!