Taylor Iverson

Taylor is a contemporary soul seeker. Growing up amongst endless trees and freshwater in Northwestern Ontario, Canada, she developed her love for writing while sitting along the nearest shorelines. Her travels have led her to train in different disciplines of yoga in India, Ecuador, Egypt and The Bahamas, while exploring other ancient practices and philosophies along the way. She currently studies creative writing and liberal studies at Vancouver Island University. Inspired by timeless wisdom, Taylor yearns to use the arts of yoga and storytelling to bridge the old with the new and to dissolve the barrier between nature and humanity.
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qu’est-ce qu’un gong ?

Les sons du gong – instrument, guide et aide à la guérison Un gong est…

qongklänge instrument wegweiser und heilhilfe
qong klänge – instrument, wegweiser und heilhilfe

Was ist ein Gong? Ein Gong ist eine runde Metallscheibe oder Schale, die angeschlagen wird,…

gong-gongs-gong instrument-gong sound
gong sounds – instrument, guide, and healing aid

What is a gong? A Gong a percussion instrument, made of a round metal disc…

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yogi, definition, meaning

What does it mean to be a yogi? Yoga has officially spread worldwide, and we…

gons gong pequenios grandes comprar
los sonidos del gong: instrumento, guía y ayuda curativa

¿Qué es un gong? Un gong es un instrumento en forma de disco o cuenco…

agua kangen alcalina purificada ionizada maquina
agua kangen: agua alcalina para sentirse más radiante y vivir mejor

¿Qué es el agua Kangen? El agua Kangen es el agua producida por las máquinas…

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kangen water: alkaline water to feel brighter and live better

What is Kangen water? Kangen water is the water produced by top-quality alkaline water machines…

banysn botanical
banyan botanicals is your new one stop ayurveda shop
Banyan Botanicals is a botanical company inspired by celebrated Ayurvedic teacher and author Vasant Lad.…
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shibari: knotty rope bondage to secure every part of you

Are you looking to add a little extra something to your love life? A few…