5 easy ways you can cut down on waste in your home

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The Environmental Protection Agency in the US. estimates that there are 207 million TONS of trash from residences and commercial businesses each year. That’s a lot of waste, and it has a huge impact on the health of our environment and, therefore, our health, as well.

By finding ways to reduce your household waste, you are helping to create a healthier environment for everyone. In some cases, finding ways to reduce your waste can also help you to save money.

Here are just 5 easy ways that you can cut down on waste in your home (out of dozens of other possibilities)

1. Choose Reusable Containers

There are many containers we use in the course of our day that end up in the trash when we’re done. Some examples include plastic water bottles, paper lunch bags, and paper plates and plastic cups. Instead of using these disposable items, you can buy reusable containers and reduce your waste. For example, you can buy a reusable water bottle (stainless steal or glass is best) that you can refill and a plastic or cloth lunch pail that you can use each day.

2. Buy Reusable Bags

Every time you buy groceries, you probably come home with half a dozen or more plastic or paper bags. Over a few weeks or months, they pile up in your pantry and become unmanageable. You can recycle these bags, or you could cut down on your waste entirely by purchasing reusable bags. You can buy canvas bags that you can bring with you when you shop and can reuse each time. Keep them in your trunk!

3. Start a Compost Bin

Gardening is a great way to save money and to ensure access to a regular supply of fresh and healthy foods. However, buying fertilizer, top soil, and other amendments can be very expensive and not always eco-friendly. You can reduce this cost and reduce your household waste by starting a compost bin. You put your kitchen scraps and yard waste in the bin, and it will compost and turn into a nutrient rich soil that you can add to your garden to grow strong, healthy fruits, vegetables and herbs.

4. Use a Rain Barrel

Every time you water your garden, landscaping plants, and yard, you use gallons and gallons of water. Every time it rains, gallons and gallons of water are lost in the ground. You can capture this water and reduce your household water usage by setting up a rain barrel. You can capture many gallons of water with each rain and use it on your yard, your plants and your garden.

5. Recycle

You can’t eliminate your waste completely. However, you can make sure that what you would waste gets new life by recycling it. You can recycle your paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, tin foil, aluminum and many other common household materials. Make sure you recycle everything you can, and there will be very little that will end up in the landfill that comes from your house.

There are dozens of other ways that you can reduce your waste, depending on your lifestyle choices. Use these simple strategies to start to make a difference at your own level and look for other possibilities online. The more waste you can reduce, the more you can save and the bigger impact you can make for the environment.

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