Bridget Sandorford

Meet Bridget Sandorford, a versatile freelance writer and dedicated researcher for

With a keen focus on exploring the culinary landscape of America, Bridget delves into the world of culinary schools, unearthing valuable insights and sharing her findings with readers. Beyond her professional pursuits, she embraces her creative side, finding joy in activities like biking, painting, and the art of crafting her very own cookbook.

Bridget believes that cooking like a professional chef is within everyone's reach, as she draws inspiration from the masters and imparts their wisdom to inspire and empower aspiring culinary enthusiasts.

Join her on this flavorful journey of discovery and transformation.

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5 easy ways you can cut down on waste in your home
5 easy ways you can cut down on waste in your home

how to tips cut down reduce waste home The Environmental Protection Agency in the US.…