why attending a yoga retreat is better than a traditional vacation?

A soul soothing experience from which you never want to get out.

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking”– Earl Wilson

A vacation is a perfect escape from a normal life – no worries, no responsibilities, no waking up early, no deadlines, etc. A vacation is just about you, your favorite place and a lot of quality time. But are you satisfied with just that, the traditional stuff? Or is it the inner peace you are seeking?

If your answer reflects something of the ‘no’ variety, then you need something more exotic and divine. You need something which can bring inner peace and calmness to you while you are having the most momentous time of your life. Set sail for a yoga retreat in a place that inspired you and get rewarded with all of it. Here are some reasons why visiting a yoga retreat is better than a traditional vacation:

Add More Depth And Meaning To Your Vacation

Travelling is not just about spending bucks or staying at 5-star hotels. It is about exploring things and discovering oneself. It is like a soul soothing experience from which you never want to get out. A yoga retreat is just the ticket, with an added review of the inner-self. It is the path through which you will get lost within the search for inner-peace and self-esteem. A yoga retreat is not just a regular vacation; it is a journey of self, through the self, which ends with a new you.

Follow Internal Bliss That Does Not Evade

Usually, we go on vacations to relax and to have fun, but how many of us actually continue to experience that inner-bliss and contentment afterwards?  Planning a yoga retreat leads to exactly that. Enjoy the journey of falling in love with yourself, over and over again. A yoga retreat is an amazing way to evade and acquire internal bliss. To apply quality ‘me time’ to your daily routine and explore the inner-self. 

Feel Mentally And Physically Rejuvenated with Yoga and Other Activities

A yoga retreat course offers every possible thing to the wanderer in you. A retreat course doesn’t mean a hectic day schedule; it offers you the flexibility of choice. If you are looking for the most exclusive retreat experience then we suggest a you look for authenticity in the teaching of the yoga teacher (what is their mission, what do they stand for?) and for a stunning nature reserves.

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Yoga helps you balance the mind, body and soul. A yoga retreat helps you revive, revitalize and re-energize thus balancing of your mind, body and soul. Physical and mental rejuvenation is necessary to live a stress-free, happy and healthy life, and beautiful Mother Nature works its magic in that sense.

Be Alone But Never Lonely

We usually plan our vacation with our family or friends, but have you thought of going alone, just to rediscover ‘you’. If yes, then a yoga retreat is an ideal way to embark on the much-awaited ‘solo trip’. It is also a great way to meet like-minded people and make new friends for a lifetime. Share experiences with each other to learn more, talk, and laugh with new buddies, to balance your emotions and feelings.

A Step Towards A More Connected Life

As mentioned, a yoga retreat is about having a better understanding of the self. Catching a glimpse of the art of yoga is akin to unveiling a renewed life where your body communicates with your soul. The better you know yourself, the better you live your life. It does more than just relax you, it takes you to new adventures and teaches you new things about life and the self. It gives you a ‘stronger and new you’ to take back to fight those day-to-day battles. It boosts your confidence, empowers you and makes you realize your self-worth.

A yoga retreat is a worthy investment, an investment towards a blissful, nurturing, and connected life.  

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