healthy bbq snacks ideas for summer time

healthy vegetarian bbq snacks ideas recipe

The weather is getting better every day. It is a good reason to spend some time outdoors. Nothing is better than having a spring picnic or a BBQ by the pool. Invite your friends over and think of the possible menu. Finger foods are the best option when your friends are waiting for the main course to be cooked. It can be crunchy, salty and creamy. Everyone loves finger foods. It encourages mingling and socializing.

Here are some great finger food ideas for your next outdoor food party:


Potatoes are a great source of inspiration for me. You can do so many things with potatoes. Potato wedges with sour cream are great for a barbeque party. All you need to do is to wash the potatoes, cut them in quarters. You can either peel them or leave the skins on. Boil a liter of water in a large saucepan; put your diced potatoes in the boiling water for one minute. Take it off the head and drain the water. Add some butter, diced garlic, salt and pepper and toss it all with potatoes. Place your potatoes in the hot oven for 30 minutes until they are golden and crispy.

You can also make some mashed potato croquettes. It is easy like one, two, three.  Boil your potatoes until soft and tender, then mash them with some warm milk, butter, 2 egg yolks, a bit of flour and a pinch of salt. Let the mixture cool and then start making croquettes. Beat one egg and put the croquettes into it before rolling them through bread crumbs. Then start frying the croquettes in olive oil until they turn golden.


Vegetable platter is a must if you have a barbeque party. Slice some bell peppers, carrots, cherry tomatoes, celery, cucumber or any other vegetable that you like. Place the veggies on a large plate and serve with some seasonal dips.


You can choose from a great variety of dips to accompany your food. Middle Eastern hummus or babaganoush, Greek tsatsiki or Mexican guacamole dip – it is all up to you. You can serve dips with vegetables, bread sticks or chips. Don’t be afraid to experiment to surprise your friends.

Artichoke spinach dip is one of my favorite snacks. It is both creamy and cheesy with a great vegetable flavor. You can add some parmesan cheese to it for additional taste.


You can make a delicious cheese plate with vegetables and nuts. You can also make some simple mini baked mac’n’cheese a night before the party. This simple dish baked in muffin tins will make a great appetizer.

Something sweet

You can put some seasonal fruit on the table for your guests. Grapes, cantaloupes, watermelons or any other fruit you have will be great. You can bake or order several small cupcakes or shortcakes with cream and fruits. You can bake some healthy cookies and use your imagination to decorate them.

Serve your picnic snacks on your dining table while the main course is still on its way. It will allow your guest to leave the dining room furniture, walk around and socialize. Open doors to your dining room to let the fresh air in.

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